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Get it while it's HOT!!

Get it while it's HOT!!


we had a SUPER FABULOUS webshow last night. i was being accused of being super spazzy, and possibly having had too much caffination and sugar-ation! (?whatever-me making up more words)…  ok, so we showed off about a million ideas that were FABULOUSO.. and if you missed the show live…then you can view it here.
 we will be spending the week posting close ups, how-tos and ideas on our 'house blog' throughout the next week or so… but we did mention a couple of serious specials last night, and they are only good until friday-

with this release, we created 2 big bundles:

ALL of the PRINTABLE fall junque stuff… i believe it's a total of 46 PDF files… reg price $30 -now til Friday night at midnight… only $19.99

ALL of the DIGITAL fall junque… (all)… i don't even KNOW how much stuff is in this.. it's a crazy amount of stuff. it's super fabulous.. regular price for all of it is $38 bucks… if you buy it NOW in the bundle it's only $24.99.  


take a peek… at all the NEW 'fall junque'… love2love!

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