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getting ready to cruise…

getting ready to cruise…

in about 18 days… i set sail with a bunch of creative, fabulous scrapbookers on the Ultimate Scrapbook Cruise! i am on the  C O U N T D O W N. this will be my 3rd scrapbooking cruise – and i am excited. on the ship, people are so laid back, and in that 'cruise' state of mind… there is no stress, just FUN!  i have been creating my class project, and trying to decide what i wanted to teach…i had so many ideas…and i am SO excited about what i finally came up with!  i think that it turned out SO beautiful… really- when you are using the Parisian Anthology stuff… that's a given!  i finally decided to present a class using the Parisian Anthology Canvas Album… it comes filled with 20 unique and different sized page protectors, with compartments from 2×3" to 5×5" and 5×7" up to 8.5 x 11". we'll be using Glimmer Mist and GLimmer Glam…Distress Ink and even a little Mod Podge!  but there's more Parisian Anthology goodnes: ruffles, jeweled dangles, brooch brads, flower darlings and the deliciously gorgeous papers… oh, AND the stamps


This class is called "happy thoughts", and it focuses on caputring little snipits… happy memories… maybe with photos, or jornaling… anything that will remind you of that 'happy thought'.  this album is just perfect for this project (or maybe it's the other way around!) those of you who are cruising… you don't have to bring photos… you will be able to add them… but, if you would like, you can bring 5-10 photos… any size… that represent a happy thought! i hope this album will grown and deliver smiles, and joy…and delight!


for those of you who are cruising… i am offering 3 additional classes that you can opt into…they are 3 different prices, and time frames.


Christmas countdown

Capture beauty
SO, for those of you Cruising … email me HERE if you are interested in signing up for these classes…i'm kitting a limited number of kits, so it's a 'first come' situation…

lots to do to get ready!

not to mention… pulling together a 13th bday party for mr. colton… working out the dets.


TOMORROW NIGHT: Heidi Webisode Specs

we'll be making 3 12" pages… as well as some fun alternatives… such as:

color mixing…embellishing, backgrounds etc. etc….  you can grab a kit here… it's got it all!!



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