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getting to know …. jamie pate!

getting to know …. jamie pate!

Welcome back…did you have a great weekend?  I LOVE me some Monday! And I am so ready for a brand new week!

As promised, today I bring you the lovely, and talented Jamie Pate!  Like Kim Jeffress, I got to know Jamie in my Art of Observation class, and I was delighted when she submitted to be part of the team.  Jamie has a calm and a peace about here that somehow is captured in her work! She has impeccable taste and fantastic eye for mixing color and pattern! I love her patience, wisdom and tenderness. I am as inspired by who she just IS, as well as her lovely creations!

welcome Jamie Pate!

You will want to visit Jamie’s blog JMP girl designs and follow her on Pinterest, Instagram @JamiePate, Facebook & Twitter!

Here are a few of Jamie’s recent projects — a SugarChic layout and a No Limits Memory File …

(you can see the rest of this fab ‘no limits’ memory file project on Jamie’s blog here.)

Jamie is wife of one, home schooling mother of five,  daughter of two, sister to one, and friend of many.  She lives on the Front Range in Colorado where she spends most of her days living the everyday with her husband and children all the while photographing and documenting their ever changing story.

And some answers to the questions I asked:

  • favorite restaurant? My husband’s grill. No seriously. The man can grill some mean meat.
  • favorite color? Today it’s grey and yellow.
  • favorite “go-to” inspiration source?  Shopping at my favorite vintage and antique haunt called The Barn. So very inspiring to my soul.
  • besides scrapbooking/paper crafting, what do you love to do with your time? My current use of extra time is decorating my home. If it stays still long enough, it gets painted.
  • favorite self-indulgence/ guilty pleasure? Getting away. Having an iced coffee. Spending time in a book store. Alone.
  • what is your idea of a great vacation spot? A very quiet, remote, warm and tranquil beach.
  • how would you describe your creative process? My creative process usually starts with the story. That can be a funny thing a person said. Or a photo that captures a moment. Or a quote I read that needs a place in my vision. And from there the creativity begins.
  • favorite dessert? Homemade brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.
  • what is your camera most likely capturing? My children, usually. But in general the everyday.
  • favorite crafting tool? I have a little love affair with my glue gun.

And a few  either/or questions ….

  • recycle or brand new RECYCLE
  • phone or SLR PHONE
  • hot glue or sewing machine HOT GLUE
  • dessert first or dinner salad DESSERT
  • early to rise or night owl EARLY TO RISE
  • sunny beaches or pine covered mountains SUNNY BEACHES
  • handwritten or typed just right HANDWRITTEN
  • hip hop or slow dancing HIP HOP
  • design star or project runway PROJECT RUNWAY
  • big bash or intimate evening BIG BASH
  • high heels or flip flops DEPENDS ON THE DAY

yay Jamie! I can’t wait to see all of your pretty stuff!!

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