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getting to know … jennifer evans!

getting to know … jennifer evans!

Happy Friday! I am excited to introduce you to the third member of my Media Team: Jennifer Evans!

I first became acquainted with Jennifer and her fab get-it-done style- as she is also a member of the Pink Paislee Design Team. I have been nothing but impressed working with her through the past several months! One thing that I LOVE about Jennifer is that she has the heart and soul of a teacher- I have noticed that when she describes her project, her point of view, and her process she just has such a great way of explaining herself and her ideas.

Jennifer creates from her heart with so much devotion to her family and who she is as an individual. i have learned so much from her even from the limited interaction that we have had… that I am so happy to have the chance to continue to learn from her! Education has always been so important to communicate the possibilities with my products! And Jennifer’s passion for sharing and inspiring others just emanates from her! Everything is created with a purpose…I love that at the end of each blog post, she has a message: ‘create well’; and I always look for those little nuggets! I am so thrilled to have her gift on my team!

Welcome Jennifer Evans!

You’ll want to visit Jennifer’s blog Create Often and follow her on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter!

learn more about this ‘fun in the sun’ layout on Jennifer’s blog here.

Explore the rest of this memory file project on Jennifer’s blog here.

Free-spirited artist, Jennifer Evans, has been a mother for five years and a wife for eight and calls the Pacific Northwest her home. She loves Jane Austen, chocolate, children’s literature, and photography.

And some answers to the questions I asked …

Favorite Restaurant?

After having a collapsed lung and then surgery, my husband was off work for several months a few years ago. It was during those months he got the notion to learn how to cook from scratch. (Lucky me, right?!) So, I have to admit that my favorite food is the gourmet meals my husband cooks at home!

Favorite color?

One thing about being an artist is that I can not just pick one favorite color. Right now I like purple. But, hey, I could wake up tomorrow and think something different.

Favorite go-to inspiration source?

I am blessed to have several local antique vendors as friends. It is at their antique fairs where I photograph lovely vintage or handmade items. Sometimes I am blessed to photograph their events beginning at dawn; there is something magical standing among beautiful things as the sun comes up. I keep these photographs handy which sparks color combinations and other inspiration. I also love flea market magazines and catalogues like Anthropologie and Pottery Barn and go to them often for inspiration. When I have artist block, I go to my own work and get inspired to create again!

favorite self-indulgence/ guilty pleasure?

I have a sweet addiction to chocolate, my favorite being Britain’s Cadbury Crunchie. Since I am unable to get the chocolate covered honeycomb locally anymore, any chocolate is its substitute.

describe your creative process:

After I have finished all my household duties, I run excitedly into my art space. I pull out my supplies and create such a mess that once I realized I was working out into the hallway! When the piece is finished, I sigh with delight, look at the mess and shake my head. How did it get that bad?! I clean it up before starting on the next project. If I am lucky, I get to do this three to four times a week.

And a few either/or questions

  • recycle or brand new —recycle
  • phone or SLR —on my neck SLR – in my purse – phone
  • hot glue or sewing machine —Helmar
  • dessert first or dinner salad —dinner salad
  • early to rise or night owl —early to rise
  • sunny beaches or pine covered mountains —pine covered beaches (hey, I am an Oregonian!)
  • handwritten or typed just right —typed just right
  • hip hop or slow dancing —swing
  • design star or project runway —project runway
  • big bash or intimate evening —intimate evening
  • high heels or flip flops —Uggs (This stay at home Oregonian mom wishes she could wear flip flops and dreams of the day she can look hot in high heels.)

Love it! welcome jennifer! i look forward to getting to know you even better over the months ahead!

are you enjoying getting to know my new media team members? I know i am!! Come back monday to get to know Jamie and Tuesday for Lindsay. have a great weekend!!

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