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getting to know …. kim jeffress

getting to know …. kim jeffress

Ok, now that the Media Team announcement is official, I would like to introduce each of the 5 members individually so that you can get a chance to get to know them! While each of the team members is very different- has a unique style and voice, the one thing that they all have in common is their very fundamental and true passion for both documenting and sharing! I feel SO thrilled that they will all be helping me to educate and inspire YOU to ‘make pretty stuff’!

Today I would like to introduce you to Kim Jeffress.

I have actually met Kim in real life before, when I had the opportunity of teaching some classes in Brisbane, Australia.  I re-connected with Kim while she participated in the ‘Art of Observation’ class at Big Picture classes. I was blown away by her from the very first project- she has a unique and fresh, happy perspective! Her LOVE of the craft just drips from everything she makes!  Kim has such a positive outlook that I just always feel inspired by, and I feel that it’s an honor to have access to her amazing talent!

You’ll want to be sure to follow Kim’s blog “Glass Half Full” and follow her on Pinterest, Instagram,  & Twitter too!


Here’s a little background on Kim:

Kim lives with her husband and her two lively boys  aged 5 and 3  in beautiful sunny Brisbane Australia. She is a former kindergarten teacher now SAHM who spends her life cutting and pasting for her self instead of teaching it to her class.

I asked the girls a few questions to get to know them better:

  • Favorite restaurant? A run down Italian restaurant in Sydney where she went on her first date with her husband 10 years ago.
  • Favorite colour? yellow, it sings happiness to her always!
  • favorite “go -to” inspiration source? watching her boys play — she likes to record the little things in their lives that are just as important as the big things!
  • Kim loves helping out at her son’s school in the class room…the teacher in her is still there!
  • guilty pleasure? a glass of  sweet white wine on a Friday night with her hubby watching taped episodes of SVU!
  • Favorite vacation spot? Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies, luxury and romance all rolled into one.
  • Kim’s creative process starts with the memory she wants to keep finding or taking photos that celebrate that memory, creating layouts and then  most importantly journalling her thoughts and feelings so they are not forgotten.
  • Favorite dessert?  lemon meringue pie!
  • Her camera is most likely capturing her boys at play, inside and outside with their little friends and also independently.
  • Favorite crafting tool?  her sewing machine, it just adds that little extra texture to her layouts!

I also asked each of  the ladies some ‘either/or’ questions, here are her responses:

  • recycle or brand new:  brand new
  • phone or SLR:   SLR
  • hot glue or sewing machine:   sewing machine
  • dessert first or dinner salad:   dinner salad
  • early to rise or night owl:   night owl
  • sunny beaches or pine covered mountains:   sunny beaches
  • handwritten or typed just right:   typed just right
  • hip hop or slow dancing:   hip hop
  • design star or project runway:   project runway
  • big bash or intimate evening:   intimate evening
  • high heels or flip flops:  high heels

once again, I am so excited and grateful to have Kim on board! I always look forward to see her fabulousness! Thank you Kim!!



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