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getting to know … lindsay bateman!

getting to know … lindsay bateman!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay in real life- this is a girl that can light up any room that she walks in! she has such a pure love of life, and a genuine goodness about her. As I put this media team together, I knew that it would be important to create a group of women that would focus on the positive, and Lindsay is one of  the most positive and delightful girls I have ever met! I am so looking forward to getting to know Lindsay better… you just can’t help but smile when you are around her – even virtually! I can’t wait to show you the projects that she submitted in the application process…they are fabulous! She loves to combine hybrid elements and construct projects from scratch (a woman after my own heart!)

Welcome Lindsay Bateman!

You will want to visit Lindsay’s new blog Simple Reflections of my Everyday and follow her on twitter, instagram @Lbateman9442 and pinterest!

Here are a few images from one of the fabulous projects Lindsay created just for the media team call — a matchbook instagram mini project. (We’ll show you her memory file project later in the month!)

Lindsay is a daughter, sister and a wife. She is a Canadian born and raised girl with a passion for life, people and photographs who lives to capture the details of her story in her scrapbooks and is rarely seen without her camera and iPhone in hand.

And some answers to the questions I asked …

  • favorite restaurant?  Any restaurant that serves amazing salads and pasta. It is instantly on my “love list”.
  • favorite color?Anything Turquoise!
  • favorite “go-to” inspiration source for you?Heidi Swapp’s blog (of course!), photography blogs and of course, PINTEREST!
  • besides scrapbooking/paper crafting, what do you love to do with your time? I love to read, listen to music, spend time with my amazing friends, go for walks, travel and practice yoga.A lot of my time is also devoted to photography.
  • favorite self-indulgence/ guilty pleasure? Reality TV. I love watching American Idol, X-Factor and So You Think You Can Dance.
  • what is your idea of a great vacation spot? Hands down, the art and energy of New York City. 
  • how would you describe your creative process?My creative process always begins with the story and the memory I want to “freeze”. The photos that I feel tell the story that I want to document and remember most.  From that point on I just love to have fun and play with various products.  I am also a lover of words so I always like to use titles and journaling whenever possible.  Most of what I am driven to create are mini books and albums.  I love “collections” so when I can have all of my photos, memories and memorabilia kept together in one place I am a happy girl.  I think that is why I am so in love with Heidi Swapp’s memory files.  It is the perfect way to hold together an experience yet provides endless creative possibilities for memory keeping.  I love to relive my memories so for me anything that enables me to do so makes my heart sing.
  • what is your favorite dessert? Ice cream.
  • what is your camera most likely capturing? Love, life and laughter.
  • what is your favorite crafting tool? My Silhouette. It pretty much ROCKS.

And a few either/or questions …

  • recycle or brand new – RECYCLE
  • phone or SLR – SLR
  • hot glue or sewing machine – SEWING MACHINE
  • dessert first or dinner salad – DINNER SALAD
  • early to rise or night owl – NIGHT OWL
  • sunny beaches or pine covered mountains – SUNNY BEACHES
  • handwritten or typed just right – HANDWRITTEN
  • hip hop or slow dancing – HIP HOP
  • design star or project runway – PROJECT RUNWAY
  • big bash or intimate evening – INTIMATE EVENING
  • high heels or flip flops – FLIP FLOPS

Lindsay… thanks for being YOU! and all your excitement!! i can’t wait to see & share all of your creations!

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