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getting to know …. maggie massey!

getting to know …. maggie massey!

Today I would like to introduce you to the lovely Maggie Massey… this is the girl who embodies one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books “SHE” by Kobi Yamada… “she makes the whole world feel like home…”  Like all my new ‘team’ members, Maggie is the ‘whole package’.. this girl is the real deal! I love her voice, and how she thrives on giving and sharing!  It’s more than just paper crafting for Maggie, which inspires ME. While I love her memory projects, her creativity spills off the page, and out of the cards and into her home… and everyone around her!  I am excited to get to know her better throughout this year!

WELCOME Maggie Massey!!

You’ll want to follow Maggie’s blog “Midwestern Girl” and follow her on twitter, pinterest, instagram and facebook too!

Here’s a little background on Maggie…

Maggie, the stay-at-home mom of 3 and a life-long Chicago suburbanite, is an avid crafter and diy-er who tries to do something creative everyday. She hoards pretty paper and fabric and she hopes to spend the rest of her life trying to use it all while she documents family life.

And some answers to the questions I asked …

  • Favorite Restaurant? this little Italian place near my house…Francesca’s. They change the menu each week depending on what’s in season, and the food is out of this world!
  • favorite color? there are just too many to choose from! I’ve always loved brown & grey…but lately I’ve really been diggin’ pink & bright yellow & turquoise…those bolder colors just make me so happy!
  • favorite  inspiration source? Pinterest! I love that I can search for whatever I’m looking for and, in just a few seconds, I get tons of ideas! How cool! I’m also a huge blog-reader & magazine flipper-through-er. I’ve been know to bookmark blog posts and tear out magazine pages at alarming rates…
  • guilty pleasure? Starbucks Caramel Frappucino. I have yet to check out how many calories there are in a Venti…I just can’t know.
  • creative process?  hmmm…how do I descrjbe that…? Usually an idea just comes to me…and then I spend some time thinking about how I want to accomplish that idea. Then I just jump in with both feet. While I am creating, I am messy and scattered and all over the place…and I love it. Sometimes I end up tearing things all apart because they just don’t feel right to me, but as soon as I’m satisfied with a project I’ll just stop fussing and be done with it.
  • favorite dessert? chocolate lava cake…hands down.
  • favorite crafting tool? Probably my sewing machine…I especially love to use it in my paper crafting. I love the texture stitching can give to paper and I think it just looks so cool and unexpected on pages…OH! I also love my Silhouette…and my crafting knife.

And a few either/or questions …

  • recycle or brand new: Hmmm…I guess recycle. I adore estate sales & vintage linens, etc.
  • phone or SLR: Phone every.single.day (I LOVE Instagram!) but DSLR for special stuff…
  • hot glue or sewing machine: sewing machine definitely
  • dessert first or dinner salad: dessert without question…what’s a salad?
  • early to rise or night owl: early to rise…I’m usually out by 10
  • sunny beaches or pine covered mountains: this one is hard…I think I’d have to say pine covered mountains…
  • handwritten or typed just right: handwritten (just right…)
  • hip hop or slow dancing: hip hop…my kids and I love cabbage-patching around the family room
  • design star or project runway: DESIGN STAR!
  • big bash or intimate evening: I love to throw a big bash…but an intimate evening can’t be beat…
  • high heels or flip flops: flip flops…

fabulous! can’t wait for maggie to get started!!

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