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"give yourself a present"

"give yourself a present"

So in response to a challenge from my friend: the Stacy Julian… I am joining in on her ‘blog blitz’: “Give yourself a Present”…  quite some time ago, I got an email from Stacy telling me that she wanted to send out some huge positive creative vibes in the blogging world!  Here is what the mission is… as expained to me:
“you have everything you need right now to be vibrant and fully engaged I the creative process. Join me and dozens of other scrapbookers in a challenge to ‘Give yourself a Present’.”
1.    snap ten photos of your life right now
2.    compile these photos in a really small mini-album
3.    keep or carry this album with you (in your desk/bedside drawer or purse) for one year.
4.    Promise to glance through the album every time you stumble upon it or pull it from your purse.
5.    On Oct. 1st 2009, create a scrapbook page about your experience. (and Stacy promises to remind all of us)
6.    Share it on your blog Oct.1st 2009

To be honest… I can’t remember if I told Stacy that I was in or not. And it wasn’t until last night when I received the reminder email that I had even thought about it since I got the initial email a few weeks ago-can’t even remember. But as I was up late working last night, and actually feeling totally in a funk- tired, grouchy and completely overwhelmed, the email came in and I decided that I could use a ‘present’ from myself. Starting at like midnight I went to work on creating a little pocket scrapbook entitled ‘this is now’. The photos span the last month and a half; and are moments that were significant, that make me smile and come pretty close to capturing the life I lead that is totally spinning out of control…Stacy mentioned in her email to use a Bazzill Basics mono-mini…(the mini one) but I am fresh out of those, so this was 2nd best. 
It was hard to pare down to 10, so I felt satisfied with 12. I printed them out 2×3” and adhered them back to back. I used my ‘world traveler’ paper… (and duly noted that it was in fact, my LAST PIECE of the ‘old map’ and felt a little panic!)  I used a sharpie to write short captions right on the photos themselves. I designed a cute little interactive book where the photos are attached with a brad and have little tabs that you can spin them out, and view either side. It’s a great size for the inside of my purse. I love it. on the inside of the book, I wrote on one side the series of event of the summer-and the other side… things on my mind…in the now..
So this is my invitation to you to give yourself a ‘present’. Check out Stacy’s blog:
And join in! blog about it…and cherish the NOW! 

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