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giving … just because – freebie printables & cutting files

giving … just because – freebie printables & cutting files

This week, we have seen some totally amazing OVER THE TOP gorgeous projects about Gratitude! I really believe that GRATITUDE is a way of life. it’s the secret to happiness, and the solution to picking yourself up when you are down!  It’s not a quick fix, or an easy-way-out… being grateful is sometimes no small task. I liked the ideas that were shared…

I love how Maggie used my gratitude kit to make a project of ‘random acts of kindness’… service and gratitude go hand in hand, and just make you feel good! and how fun is it to do one for how old you are!?  Jamie used it to really document the everyday type memories, traditions and STUFF In her life that she feels grateful for- a more memory keeping approach. Lindsay created projects and gift items that you can give to someone to show your gratitude and appreciation!

It’s this kind of GIVING thanks that I wanted to talk about today as well. Everyone has SOMEONE in their life (and probably MULTIPLE someones) who really deserve to be thanked!  Of course… the pleases and thank-yous roll off our lips, but what about when you feel that pang in your heart knowing that a simple ‘thank you’ is and never will be enough. More often than not, these people in our lives give us something that there is no way that we can possibly repay… I have a few of them who my life would just not be the same without them- whether it’s my kids teachers or coaches… church leaders or even the people behind the scenes in my work, to family members that willingly help and listen and support in 1000 ways.  It is my belief that a hand crafted, beautiful card with a heart-felt message of appreciation somehow conveys all that thanks that can in no other way be conveyed.

Today… can I give you a challenge? A homework assignment? Can I issue a decree?? Write a list of 4 people who you appreciate with your whole heart, and add 1 person that you struggle with. Create 5 cards…and fill them with words of true appreciation and love. buy  stamps and send them. Taking action, and GIVING thanks will change your day! it will lift you, and that says NOTHING for what it will do for the one on the other end of your card!

This is one such card that I created using one of my mini-memory file… and like I said, my Cameo certainly makes it easy to say thank you in an exceptionally beautiful way!

One little tip—I cut this word: #grateful from a piece of Color Magic paper (turned upside down). If you are using Color Magic paper in your Cameo, dial that baby up to 4 on the paper thickness and it cuts like a dream.  Then you can color them with Color Shine (or any other color spray that you have handy).  i just love that hashtag on the grateful!

i thought that in the spirit of saying thanks through GIVING, i made you a  little freebie to play with, and make pretty stuff!  Click HERE to get the “just because” freebie kit that includes one 8 1/2 x 11 printable card  (see below) and that “just because” in a .png

I am sharing this little FREEBIE printable to promote the spreading of the LOVE!… it says “just because”… all you have to do it print it out on a piece of white cardstock…

trim around the 2 grey chevron rectangles and fold in ½.

Cut out the white circle… (i used my fiskars circle cutter, or use an exacto)

Cut around the pink circle and adhere it inside the card so its’ visible through the window…

maybe add a bit of ribbon or a cute flower, or even some bling!? the new TINSEL COLOR SHINE happens to match the card almost exactly!  i also added a butterfly punch and some sequins!

if you are lucky enough to own a Silhouette… be sure to try my tutorial trick (reposted yesterday) on how to convert a .png file to a cutting file in literally 2 seconds!

i cut out 5 sets, and added a different Color Shine to each: Tropicana Teal, Amethyst, Georgia Peach, Sweet Cherry, Mustard

i then added some Tinsel to (confession alert) my favorite Color Magic design: the Diagonal Stripes… i misted the ribbons to match the Just because, and it didn’t take long to create seriously fabulous cards!


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