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Glimmer GURU

Glimmer GURU


We had a great time tonight at the LIVE webshow tonight!! I
even got all GREEN!! A wig and everything! The works…

We did have a couple little technical difficulties… we had a
camera malfunction- and had to do a restart in the middle… so there are
actually videos that combine to be the whole night… we had a blast.. .until
Rhonna had to leave, and she went outside to find her car broken into and her
purse stolen!! (gasp)… I know.. SO SAD!! At my house! Ridiculous!

Such a bummer… SO sorry ! it was a little bit of a chaos!!



The glimmer misting is just so much fuN! and this kit and
some of these deals from Tattered Angels… along with this recorded video and
the downloads… this is amazig opportunity to TRY it out! you can still order
the kits-


Janet Hopkins is in town and  we have a few House of 3 meetings… so it’s going to be busy!
I am SO tired, I need to go to sleep!! Thanks for joinging us tonight!

hope you had a wonderfully LUCKY St Patricks day..


thanks everyone!!xoxo



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