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good deal

good deal

do you have a silhouette?

are you thinking about getting a silhouette…. ?

is there an off chance that in the near future you will purchase a silhouette???

let me just tell you that i am SO excited about the Silhouette and i have been just LOVING the possibilities- house of 3 has been meeting, talking, imagining and planning all the COOL amazing things that we can do!

did you know that when you purchase a Silhouette machine… you never need to purchase any cartridges? you simply shop in their ONLINE SHOP (where us House of 3 girls are contributing). the designs are CHEAP, and you can use them over and over at any size—even in VINYL (killer). ok, so…. why am i bringing this up??



go here and check it all out…

the subscription deal is the best. just sayin'!

this deal is gone w/ 2009- so act fast..

AND… only 2 more days for the House of 3 Christmas sale… if you CLICK HERE, you can grab ALL our awesome Christmas Goodies in one cool package for 50% OFF!! (that is a total of 24 kits) yee haw!

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