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good morning from naples…

good morning from naples…

so just to give you an idea exactly where i am: a map!

ok, i didn't say it was a fancy map… just a dumb google map… but it does the trick!


and from even closer.. you can see better the little Isle of Capri!


ever since i had my little Capri- i kinda dreamed of going there… i like to tell people that it's 'Capri' like the little island in Italy… instead of 'capri pants' or 'capri sun' … although, Capri has been just recently introduced to "capri sun" drinks and we have explained to her that they are "Capri-Sun"… so she thinks they are all hers- and Connor will say, "no, this is my Connor-Sun"… cute. 

i'll pick a winner for the "Express the Moment" giveaway later this evening! you can still enter if you scroll down a couple posts!

gasp!! i almost forgot!!


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  • Judy Webb

    30 March, 2010 at 5:21 pm Reply

    Heidi, You may be to tired to read these post when you get home. I enjoyed the photos so much. Three years ago, we were in Salerno with a historian following US soldiers in WW II Battles. You take such great photos. Glad you had such a good time.

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