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good times…

good times…

It can’t only be 10pm.  It feels like  the middle of the night. I am exhausted. I have been trying to recover from the travels of last week, and have been feeling a bit run-down ( to say the least)…sadly…my sweet cousin that has been here since the beginnig, left Thursday! I almost can’t believe that she is gone! I will miss her SO much. not just cause she is an awesome help, and so great w/ the kids, she is just such a delight, and has become a dear friend to me. sigh. SO SAD… I will miss her terribly.

However… as a worthy distraction from our heartbreak… Cam and LaRane arrived yesterday (my brother, and his cute wife). We met them at the new (and wildly impressive) new airport, and waited and waited as their bags never arrived. (this yet another reminder to put some necessities in your carry on!!). but nothing could really  dampen their enthusiasm and our excitement… it’s so fun to introduce people to this crazy place! After dinner last night (Chinese take-out…breaking them in right away), I took them to get foot massages- a certain highlight! And they loved it- we were able to keep them up until about midnight. A good first day for the jet lag battle.  We woke up this morning with lofty plans to load up 7 bikes and drive into town a ways… far enough to get to a point that we could get out on the bikes and ride around to get a closer look (closer than the car window anyway).Img_0229
I’ll bet we rode more than 20 miles all together. we Img_0226
were on the bikes for hours.  Mostly just exploring and taking a leisurely (but at the same time life-threatening) sight-seeing ride.  We had lunch right by the Forbidden City, and then walked around there a bit. We made our way back to where we had parked our bikes, and then rode a ways to check out the old drum and bell towers. It was so cool to see them, and climb up the towers and get a great birds-eye view of the immediate area.
Well here are some pictures to get our next sets of guests excited!



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