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This summer, with the release of my newest paper collection: “Old School”, I had all these visions of summer workshops and super fun projects to create using all the GORGEOUS paper.  I might say this all the time, but I think that this is one of my most favorite collections EVER! It feels chic, but cool… fun and sporty… carefree and stylish! I love the color combos, and I especially LOVE the big pink TIGER! Since I couldn’t host any workshops, or travel to any events… I thought I would bring the class directly to YOU! 2 mini-books; video tutorial style! 

The class is called “GOOD VIBES ONLY!” Because honestly, that’s what we all need more of! 

If you LOVE to make mini-books, this class is for you! If you have never made a mini book, but you would love to try something new… this class is for you! The instructions are step by step, video style – I narrate and explain exactly how and what to do! You will be able to pause and play the video as you work along with me,  you can also follow the written instructions inside the class webpage.

You can always use ANY paper, stickers and embellishments to complete the project… or you can order your own OLD SCHOOL kit here, that will have what you will need to make the books just like mine! (the kits will ship almost anywhere in the world!)

This class features 2 books – The style, and binding of the books is very similar, so you will take what you learn in the first project, and use that skill and knowledge to create the 2nd book! 

I call the first book “GOOD VIBES”, because it features this big sticker from the OLD SCHOOL sticker set right on the front cover.

The overall size of this project is 6”x 6”, but what’s super cool about the front is that the cover and the pages are cut sized to expose the inside pages patterns and color! It’s got a cascading cover and pages! The title is attached to the cover so that it falls off the right edge, floating over the cascading pages. I will be walking you through cutting, scoring, folding and binding the pages into the DIY cover. 

After you have crafted the first book, you will be prepared to make the second book, which is TWICE as cool… this time, you will be creating  “double decker” inside pages. Inside the book cover, there will be 2 independent sets of papers bound to the cover. This is a really unique way to compartmentalize a trip or document separate stories!  

Both of these projects are unique and fun to make… and require basic paper crafting tools. (NOTE: the stamps are sold separately from the class kit)


Once you know the process for making this style of mini-album, you will be able to have fun playing with different cover and page sizes and styles! There are so many possibilities! 

I printed my photos 3 1/2” x 5, with white borders from www.persnickityprints.com. You can order prints and upload to their site right from your phone! They ship all over the world, and the quality is AMAZING! 

Come and take this class with me! I know you will love it! You can purchase the class kit here! 

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