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goodbye Daystar…

goodbye Daystar…

Just wanted to quickly share a few photos from the kid’s last of school… Jodi and I went in for a few hours… goodbye parties, lunch, and some performances in Colton and Cory’s class. Quite frankly, it was a bit heart breaking… the kids have totally grown and progressed so much in this environment.. their teachers and friends are all so sad to see them leave! Here is a little peak into their classrooms, as well as a look at the outside of the school.


this is q's class.. 'lower elementary' grades 1-3

'circle time'… they sang Q a going away song, and gave her this book… she was so touched, and filled with her little mixed emotions. i can tell that she loves these people, and at the same time is SO excited to go back to her old friends, and old school…

This is Colton and Cory's english teacher…'Aunt Suzy' (they call their teachers Aunt or Uncle, as it's chinese tradition). This is a woman that none of them will EVER forget. she is stunning.
Colton and Cory's 'upper elementary' class rom – grade 4-6

getting their books… quite a glimpse into their frienships and schoolmates… loved it!

This place has been such a blessing. Eric and I went to parent teacher conf. yesterday. We met w/ the Chinese and English teachers, it was quite emotional for me, as I heard about how hard the kids have been working, what their improvement has been and how they have grown and changed. It also made me SO happy and SO grateful that they have had the time they have, and this experience. While I was sad…as we were walking to the car, looking back- my heart was just bursting with gratitude for the whole thing. Each one of the kids’ class mates and teachers wrote them good-bye letters, and they made them into books. They are the sweetest things.

Ok, today is a day full of packing and organizing. I’ve gotta get off the computer! wish us luck!

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