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goodbye to Blackie…

goodbye to Blackie…


Growing up, I always wanted a dog…but alas, my dad would not go for it. I still really wanted a dog, and on my 28th birthday, Eric surprised me with a baby puppy!! I came home from a work trip, and there he was at the airport with a black little bundle. Needless to say, I had never trained or raised a dog- so everything was a learning experience. I not only had a new puppy, but a 1 year old, and a 2 ½ year old. That was a lot of potty training all happening at once!

12 years later, this dog has been the most loyal and sweet, kind dog ever. I know that he considers my children, his children. – he has always been a watcher- and lover of everyone!  When he was younger, and able- he would sleep on my feet…and every second of the day, doesn’t venture too far from my feet. Even when I get in the shower, the dog lays RIGHT at the shower door. Even when I am working in my studio, he finds a horribly inconvenient place to plunk down, and cause a tripping hazard.

I have known that this day would come. And today was a hard day. 

Blackie (named by my then 2-year-old Colton), has been dealing with some pretty sad arthritis in his front shoulder for about 4 years. It’s made it impossible for him to go on walks, and run around the park etc. in the last year, his back hips have deteriorated, and it’s been so much harder in the cold to get outside, and move around.  I just knew that even though he was so happy, and EVER all our ‘best friend’…he was suffering. Each of his movements-were just so slow, and pained.


People have told me, ‘you just know’…when it’s time, and even though I knew- it was one of the most difficult and heart wrenching decisions and process I have had to do. I must say, I was just so scared to take him in- and the staff at the Animal Hospital were so warm, and loving- they were so comforting, and compassionate.  When I walked in, there was a quote written on the wall of the waiting area that said “dogs just have a way of knowing what we are feeling”.


I miss him. It’s funny the HUGE void that exists with the lack of his presence.

I know that he is happy in heaven. He was a wonderful dog, and a sweet friend.



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