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it's worth the trouble… don't you think?

the blood, sweat, tears of family photos!? it's a PROJECT for sure…

the constant addition of new family members…juggling of schedules, coordination of colors, and gambling with the weather and MOODS!  battling with the natural light, and making sure that everyone is well-rested, fed, and has their best sence of humor on… which usually would mean ample bribes.. CASH in the case of the older grandkids, and candy in the case of the women and children!  definately not something that is to be taken lightly.  this year, there were many things to consider in additon to the above listed challenges, this year, the location debate- easy access, best backgrounds… and unpredictable weather.

and while our group is not HUGE… 18 people, 26 sets of eyes…are tricky to capture with happy smiling faces!

but, it's worth it! (especially after it's over!) i mean, look at these precious, ever changing faces:

Girls Boys
and of course, as luck would have it… katie is expecting, so these will be out of date in a mere 7 months!

i love the photos. a lot!

SO, after the shoot…(the rain was stayed, and no one fell into the swollen river only a few yards from the location) we were all treated to FROGURT (no holds barred) and then…. my folks had something special planned, a long standing family tradition: SAWDUST DIG…

for the little kids, the sawdust was full of mini toys, smarties, and tootsie rolls

for the big kids, there was quarters, nickles, and dimes that they could dig for… and they were LOVING it! kids were never so happy to pick up a nickle


it's worth is for sure! whatever it takes! i am thankful to everyone in our family that is willing to make the effort, and take on the emotional toll that comes with an (extended) family photo… thankful that everyone agrees, that it's worth it. thankful for all the family photos throughout the years, and willing to do whatever it takes to keep up with the changing, growing family dynamics!



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