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Gratitude Home Decor That Will Motivate You

Storyline Home Decor Gratitude Frame I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp

Gratitude Home Decor That Will Motivate You

One of my favourite sayings in the whole world is “let your life be your art”.

I absolutely love to display pieces in my home that are deeply personal and reflective of that.  My walls and shelves are filled with photographs of my family…as I consider them to be my greatest masterpiece of all. 😉

Gratitude this month has been a huge intentional focus for me.  Whether it has been taking more photographs or doing more journaling in my planner, consciously noting the blessings around me has really helped to centre myself.  I often find that taking time to do this has been a huge help in shutting out all that background noise and distraction we can often face in this world. Implementing an intentional gratitude practice into my daily life has been such a huge help.

I was going through my camera roll on my iPhone the other day, and I really wanted to create a display for my daughters room of some favourite photos I took of her this fall.  To say I am deeply grateful for this precious little girl in my life is a huge understatement.  I am constantly in awe of the blessing she is to our family.  There truly are no words.  I wanted to celebrate my gratitude for her with a piece for her gallery wall that I can display in her bedroom.

storylinegratititudeframe (11 of 11)

I absolutely love working with the Heidi Swapp Storyline Deck of Days kits.  I find them incredibly inspiring and so pretty just to look at!  I chose to alter my approach in using these Deck of Days.  Instead of using them as I traditionally do on a Storyline scrapbook page, why not add them onto my home decor piece instead?

One of my favourite kits from the entire Storyline collection is the Wedding Deck of Days.  Now do not be fooled…just because it may say “wedding” on the packaging does not mean that it is specific to weddings only.  The beauty of these kits is there EXTREME versatility when being used for whatever story it is you are wanting to tell.  I have used this kit for my son’s album, my daughter’s album and as you will see in just a minute my home decor as well!

To create my piece I chose 5 cards from the Wedding Deck of Days kit and paired them with 20 photos, all sized 2 inches x 2 inches.

I used these awesome Sticky Thumb Adhesive Foam Dots to adhere both my photos and Deck of Days cards for just an added touch of dimension.

storylinegratititudeframe (10 of 11)

On a 12×12 sheet of Bazzill white card stock, I added my photos and Deck of Days cards in a simple grid layout.

storylinegratititudeframefeature (1 of 2)

Nothing fancy here.  Remember…the beauty of Storyline is SIMPLICITY.  I adhered all of my photos and Deck of Days cards using these foam dots.

storylinegratititudeframefeature (2 of 2)

They are so much fun to use when displaying photos in home decor pieces because they really help them to pop!

storylinegratititudeframe (9 of 11)

storylinegratititudeframe (6 of 11)

Once I had everything adhered I simply placed my page into this Ikea Ribba frame.

storylinegratititudeframe (5 of 11)

It’s simple beauty has me falling in love.  I adore how the Deck of Days cards accent the photos in the most perfect way.

storylinegratititudeframe (3 of 11)

“Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles.  Notice them.”

storylinegratititudeframe (7 of 11)

Thank you for allowing me to share a little piece of my grateful heart (and art) with you today.

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