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gratitude inspired gift projects

gratitude inspired gift projects

Media Team member Lindsay Bateman and I really share the same sentiments about the Silhouette Cameo! And not to detract from the significance of giving GIFTS to express gratitude… we both share a true LOVE and …gratitude… for the TOOL itself! The freedom and thrill that this tools brings to paper crafting is a delight! 

These 3 little gifts are thoughtful and would be a wonderful way to tell someone how thankful you are for THEM!

lindsay: gratitude, gift projects & cameo love

It is truly amazing to look back on the past few years and observe just how much the paper craft industry has grown, especially relevant to the options that are available now to really take paper crafting to new heights.  Of the many tools that have emerged, by far it is the Silhouette Cameo that has truly stolen my heart.  I do not think it could get any better than this machine; and if it does, oh boy am I in trouble! 😉

Not only is the Silhouette Cameo an incredible die cutting machine with a precision that truly cannot be beat, but the endless images that it can cut out and what can be created from that point on is truly astounding!  I love that it simply hooks up to your home computer, and any design you are needing (and I do mean ANY) is just a simple click away.  It is like having a 24 hour die cut shop right at your fingertips. Pure crafting bliss I tell ya!

gratitude and gift projects

My Silhouette Heidi Swapp Media Team assignment was to create a “gift-y” type project celebrating gratitude.  At first I was overwhelmed at the options that stood before me.  With a little experimentation and brainstorming I came up with 3 projects, each a little different to demonstrate just a bit of what the Silhouette can create.  I asked myself…if I was wanting to give a little gift to someone to show my gratitude and appreciation…what would I choose?  From the many options I looked at and thought about, I chose to create a 3-d Pyramid Gift Box, 3-d Ribbon Tie Pennant Flap Box and Basic Gate-Fold Card all on the Silhouette using the Heidi Swapp Sugar Chic Paper Collection.

I love the 3-d Pyramid Gift Box because it is really easy to fold together once cut by the Silhouette Cameo. It also makes the perfect little box to house treats or that little something special.  I embellished the top of the box with ribbons, tags, and the word gift (in Heidi Swapp’s signature handwriting) that were all beautifully cut by the Silhouette Cameo.  I added some fabulous Heidi Swapp gratitude brushes to the tags that I simply printed on my home computer to add the perfect finishing touch.  I love this little box and I know I will be definitely re-creating this repeatedly.  Imagine how cute this would be for Christmas, Halloween or even Thanksgiving?  Love it!

My second little Silhouette project was the 3d Box Ribbon Tie Pennant Flap Box.  This was also entirely cut with the Silhouette and then easily folded into it’s shape.  The 3-d flower embellishment is also a die cut from the Silhouette Cameo as well as the Heidi Swapp ‘thanks’ word.  For cutting the words, I used the Silhouette adhesive backed cardstock.  I absolutely love this paper and it is perfect for cutting out words and detailed images because the adhesive is already on the back.  You simply cut your image, gently peel it off and adhere it to your project without having to mess with any other type of glue or adhesive.  It is perfect!  Again, this little box would make the perfect home for any type of little thank-you gift or token of appreciation for someone.  Imagine the possibilities with different papers, seasons and themes.

My third Silhouette project is a Basic Gate fold Card.  Once I cut out the card with my Silhouette I took it one step further.  I added detailed stitching around the edges, cut out the beautiful Heidi Swapp word ‘blessing’ with my Silhouette for the front, added a heart that was also cut out with the Silhouette and some Vintage Chic embellishments.  Inside the card I added a little sewn mini book where I added some Heidi Swapp gratitude brush phrases.  I guess you could say I combined a card with a little “mini-book” feature.  I thought that this would make the cutest card for someone to show your gratitude and appreciation for.  Some beautiful quotes, phrases and inspirational reminders completed with a personalized message at the end.

I loved creating these projects for so many reasons and in the spirit and celebration of gratitude, I am so thankful for incredible tools like the Silhouette and amazing artists and designers like Heidi Swapp who create such fabulous ideas and concepts that work so well together.  It was so much fun to create these projects and now I am ready and inspired to pass these on with some fabulous goodies and surprises inside to some very special people in my life.

I hope that these projects have left you feeling inspired to take a moment to celebrate what you are grateful for and recognize someone who has done something special for you.  Just because gifts are truly the best!

As always Lindsay… SO fabulous! I am feeling totally inspired! WHO are you THANKFUL for?!

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