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Got working today on creating some projects specifically about gratitude. I guess that it’s timely with thanksgiving coming right up, but even more… I have been reminded of the power in being grateful, and how it just can turn things around. I even decided to change my blog banner. (I am getting so digitally savvy! So proud of myself). Anyway… in keeping with my ‘fix it up’ motto… and I have been keeping my list! I find myself looking for things and ways to add to it! today I started thinking about ‘renewal’ and breathing new life into stale old things that were/are just uninspiring and boring. I think it’s just another facet of my ‘mission’!  I had a clock and a frame sitting in the bottom of a bin, that i didn’t want to hang up cause I didn’t like what I had in them- so I created this little image that says “gratitude”. Printed it out on a piece of my favorite Dream Dining Room paper, and stuck it in a frame. Then, I took the art, and created a little clock face that I thought would be perfect way to ‘count my blessings 1-2-3’. I printed the face out on ledger paper so that it made sense to make a list. It’s always TIME to count your blessings!  Feels really good to ‘freshen’ those up!
I then created a little ‘gratitude’ book that I am going to do as a class here! so that will be fun. Turned out cute. 
The coolest part of the digi stuff, is that you can just turn things around so quick! So I forwarded the files to my good friends at Advantus, and the files are already up if you are interested!! The clock face you can size to fit any clock that you may have laying around! There are also a couple ‘journaling blocks’ as well as the ‘Gratitude’ title. Would be great on the cover of a gratitude journal. I think I am going to make some up and give away.Hsd6004

I have another project that they are working on the files for, so I
will show it to you tomorrow. here’s a hint: I re-purposed a pizza box!

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