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Great Saturday

Great Saturday

It’s 9:30pm, and after this busy day, I am totally exhausted!
It’s been a great day! We woke up and cleaned the whole house. I love the all-clean house feeling! That lasted for about 45 seconds… (chuckle)…today started out really quite rainy, but the rain went away and the afternoon was all blue skies(since we never got rain in AZ, they are loving the whole playing with umbrellas thing. i keep thinking they are going to poke each other’s eye’s out. you can see from the photo, that the umbrellas are already showing some signs of wear…)  After such a work-morning, we decided that we needed to do something fun. Eric’s rugby match was at 3, and we were having some issues with the van not starting (bummer). So, by 2 we loaded up for fun. We dropped E of at the field-they were playing at the stadium at the international school; it’s got amazing facilities. And the kids and I went to the Ice rink to check it out. (the mile and ½ between the field and the ice rink was my first driving in China…I did pretty good!) There were some other kids we knew going, and we had a little time before the game, so the kids went ahead and got skates and skated up a storm. It was perfect, not very many kids… it’s a smaller rink, and the boys had a little rubber basketball, and they were playing dodgeball, and the girls were just getting brave enough to let go of the sides and go into the middle and twirl! (and trying to ‘dodge’ the boys). So cute




When the session was over, we cruised back just in time to watch the last ½ hour of the game. Eric was already out due to injuries sustained in the first ½ (glad I wasn’t there to witness). When we got there, E’s team, The Beijing Dragons, were losing 17-5. But in those last few minutes, they turned it around. One of Eric’s long time friends who has was at BYU, and BYU study abroad with, actually scored 2 tires in a row, and then our team got another…in the end, we won! Apparently the team is undefeated.
It’s just such an aggressive sport. When you watch it on tv, I think you miss the blood and gore…you have to be on the sidelines to get the real deal. I made beef stroganoff for dinner, and didn’t get a peep of complaining! (gasp!)

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