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guess what?

guess what?

Picture 2

if you have been wanting some new fonts..
or maybe some fun brush sets to play with….
perhaps you have some fab summer photos you want to put into a quick easy SUMMER book;

i know, you need a quick card set, or some INSPIRATIONAL quotes…

or just maybe you have a new baby either here, or on the way…and you just have to have THIS new little book kit for the first year created by Janet…

and you might even be looking for something to spice things up and accessorize your studio, or dorm or even wedding party!! the wall art is SO fun for so many reasons!

FRIDAY is yet again "5dollarfriday"..

the way this works, is that you shop for something totaling at least $9.99 and then when you are ready to check out, you type in '5dollarfriday' (all lower case and no spaces)into the coupon code, and you get an automatic $5 FREE!!!
and not sure if you have checked it out, but at House of 3, you can get a lot for $5!  you can even use it toward the purchase of wall art! ANYTHING!

if you are needing a little inspiration… you can browse back through the House of 3 Inspiration House BLOG, or even Rhonna's blog  (find out about all new TWITTER BACKGROUNDS) and Janet's blog ..(she's just days away from delivering baby #4, and enjoying bed rest- wink wink ; can you ever really enjoy bedrest??)   it's good one time/one per customer!
happy shopping!

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