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halloween parties (the beginning)

halloween parties (the beginning)

MomconToday was the big Halloween party at the Little Pals Preschool… the anxiously anticipated event FINALLY arrived today, and Connor was all ready with his "spiderman" costume.  I volunteered to help out in the class room as there were several party stations and games set up including:  ghost bingo, pin the fangs on the vampire, cupcake decorating, pumpkin bowling–and the like!  the kids have a great time… holy cow…they could not be cuter! i am convinced 4 & 5 are the funniest of ages…and i have one of each! i have to enjoy it!   As you might have guessed, i was the only mom dressed up…but if you think i am going to pass up an opportunity to wear black lipstick and a giant blingy spider ring… you don't know me very well!  SO above is a shot of me and Connor; my shoes– i opted for comfort… oh, and funny story: i bought those cute orange and black tights this morning at WalMart to make my costume complete… and like seconds before we needed to leave i pulled the tights on and they only came up to my mid-thigh! GASP! upon closer examination, they were kids tights–so i had to cut the top of the tights off.  –but all good!

Candythe party at the preschool was absolutley adorable… and perfectly planned and organized! Miss linda is so awesome!  i loved being in the class room. there are 8 kids in the class, and it's just a great size. each kid gets tons of attention and they are all so cute, and happy.  i mean, just look at those cute kiddos!!

For the snack, Miss Linda had a "Monster Stew" and if you can see it, she had 8 jars filled with different "monster parts" … like eyes, finger nails, hair, fingers, bones etc. etc. (which were really cheese puffs, marshmallows, candy corns, pretzles, m&m's etc. — each kid got to dump the jars into the pot… and then the kids got to eat the snacks. they LOVED it! such a cute idea.

then it was time for games… my favorite was the cupcake decorating- each kid got a little container of frosting and all the little toppings in a little bowl– they could make a monster…cutie cute. Connor named his cupcake "stinky".
Preschoolwhat a LUCKY kid connor is!! it's just such a huge blessing…  i love that since Connor is my  youngest, i can easily help in his class… i am excited to help in Capri's class too on Monday. so, as i said… the Candy- this is just the beginning!  Let the parties begin!

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