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halloween stuff.

halloween stuff.

i am excited to switch into halloween gear… we had a House of 3 inspiration and creative meeting this morning and it was SO full of new ideas, products and plans! i almost can't keep them all straight! the holidays are going to be sneaking up on us here if we aren't careful, so we decided that halloween is fair game! we have some crazy deadlines, so we are all on our toes! i had some fun playing with this little creation:


so i am getting all ready for tomorrow night's LIVE webshow… we have some fresh fun stuff to show off! so please join in the fuN! last week i totally screwed up the time, but this week… here is the deal. the show will start at 8 PM Mountain Time… so.. you can view this little image below, and maybe it will help you figure out what time the show will start for wherever you are!

so we are talking tomorrow night… hoping to have everything ready!! so excited… plan on it!

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