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halls decked…

halls decked…

well, the halls are ALMOST all decked… i have a good start. my next step involves the YUDU… and a trip to IKEA, so for today- it's decked! i need to have some webshow focus! yes… Rhonna is coming tonight, and she will be showing you some of her own DIY Christmas Magic… i can't wait to see! so don't miss it… and some of you have already found tonight's freebie… SO cute! don't miss tonight! 8pm here in SLC, UT. you have to figure out what time that is for you (if you can't watch live, it will be recorded and archived HERE)

i am just printing this photo collage thing out for a project for tonight's show…

Deckthehalls i stayed up a little too late last night… even the elves fell asleep! but i had myself a jolly good time! Cory woke up and said "don't you think this is just a little overboard, mom?" and followed that up with "i just don't think this is necessary…" (gasp) i then referenced the movie ELF and sited that as a possible 'overboard'. not MY little 'wintery wonderland'.  i only bought one new thing(s)… the mini-mini-christmas balls that are hanging on my pink trees…. everything else is newly made, or revamped:

1. painted an ikea frame that GRINCH green. i LOVE that pop of green. that is a new color in my mix this year.

2. (top left image) i took this old berry garland, that i haven't used in like 10 years, and fashioned it inot a wreath and hung it from a large mirror over the piano and hung some glitter snowflakes that i used last year to adorn packages (and they were very underappreciated by my kids!)

3. wired the pink trees to the bannister… i did this in our home in china, but i think it works well here too! as i mentioned, i did put new mini-ornaments on them: pink, green, red.  I would love to have light on them, but can't find pink strands of lights…(anyone seen any?)

4. had an old (OLD) wreath that i hung like 10 years ago, and since just didn't like the stuff that was all attached to it (ie: toll painted santa in the shape of a moon, and big plaid gold and red bow- very dusty). i shed off everything but the lights and the berries, and added the "glittery celebrate" that i got in the dollar bin at Michaels last year.

5. just found those disco-trees (mirror trees) they wer in a box marked easter. was a good find!

6. i am inspired by the "carols" that Rhonna created for the House of 3 show tonight… so i created a "Joy to the World banner" Eric hasn't seen this yet- he might hate it. i say… need more banners. kinda wish i had a toy plane to rig up so it looked like the plane was flying the Joy to the World banner, like they do over the beach.  what about an XL paper-airplane? that could be cool….

7. all the christmas balls that the tops are broken (the plastic cheapy ones) i put in glass jars. they look so pretty!

8. made a totally cute paper-chain with Bazzill Cardstock that i painted Chandelier glam all over… turned out SO cute! went through a LOT of tiny attacher staples at 3 am!

9. but my FAVORITE of all… is the paper ornaments… last night i went to target at like 10pm to get the said mini-ornaments, and ornament hanger wire-things… and was looking up at the decorations that are hanging from the celings… and just couldn't get them out of my mind… so i started making my own out of Bazzill paper strips that were left over from the afore-mentioned paper chain…


these were just SUPER fun to make… i'll show how tonight during the webshow…SO cute w/ the parisian paper… mixed with some holiday cheer!  i had my little elves paint the chandelier crystals with Tattered Angels Glaze so they were all kinds of colors… again…lots of tiny attacher staples!

tonight i'll be sharing MORE uses for Tattered Angels GLAM and Glaze… you will LOVE!

if you follow me on twitter or are a friend of mine on FACEBOOK… you know how much meal-planning stresses me OUT! seriously… i will have you know that i went to the store yesterday and bought stuff to make 5 meals: chicken noodle soup, chicken brocolli casserol, fajitas, turkey chili, sloppy joes -gasp… 6 meals (if you can count manwitch, which i do!)… anyway… i am excited and happy to ANNOUNCE that my favorite recipie, cookbook lady Elizabeth Banks has just released her SECOND cookbook! a bunch of you bought her first cookbook when i featured it here on my blog about 2 years ago… anyway, just in time for Christmas, her 2nd cookbook is ready, and she has been taunting me with delicious meal ideas and new recipies from her new book, so i can't wait to get mine… this would be a great gift idea! Jim Hamilton is a Graphic Designer that i have worked with for years has worked on the layout and design, and Mark Mabry who is a photographer in Mesa, AZ did the photography (also the REFLECTIONS on Christ books… another great idea for a Christmas gift-amazing music to that as well…)


OK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>see you tonight!

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