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happenin' friday night!

happenin' friday night!

i can barely keep my eyes open.. and the 'little ones' are both sleeping for the next few hours (their equivalent of an afternoon nap), so really i should be taking advantage, but i am just so grateful for a little solace that i can't bring myself to go to sleep! 
today has been full of 'simple' pleasures:
1-drove in silence to my hair appointment
2-i got my hair cut and colored!! YAY!
3-eric brought home BOLA thai (not really on the WW plan!)
4-went to TARGET to get Quincy some clothes that fit.
5-watching a little LENO

among a few other things, we picked up some diet sierra mist 'ruby splash'… SO YUM(and totally on sale at Target right now). my mother-in-law happens to stock SONIC ice in her freezer in zip lock bags. (perfect). the kids are loving catching up with their friends and cousins. i loved hearing their reports about school today (today was their first day back). so cute.  my mother-in-law also has these 2 little dogs… and it's so funny cause Connor just LOVES them. follows them, and just can't leave them alone….on the other hand, Capri HATES them. she is totally scared of them, and screams bloody murder when they come even close.  never a dull moment.

i have selected a WINNER for the House of 3 BLog of the week! i read through all the comments, and i was SO excited to see how many of you have just started blogs! congrats! it's such an awesome way of tracking your life…i loved taking peeks into your blogs, and seeing your photos, your creative projects and connecting with you just a little! thank you for sharing!
i have selected HANNA
her blog address is: www.sparklypinkstar.blogspot.com
YOU WIN!!  c o n g r a t s !!!
here is a peek at her blog.. she has some cute cards on there!


be sure to check out the daily inspiration at HOUSE OF 3… if you have missed the past 3 days… go check it out! inspiration will resume on Monday… i have a video to upload… and more ideas to come! in addition to EASTER, it's Cory's b-day on the 14th, so i need to brainstorm something fun for that.
have a GReAT weekend!

  • Deborah

    4 April, 2009 at 7:26 am Reply

    Heidi, you are so darn cute! And talented. LOVE your blog. LOVE your family. LOVE you! Would also just LOVE to have the House of Three Easter blinkie on my blog!!!

  • Michelle Aguilar

    5 April, 2009 at 9:25 pm Reply

    hey Heidi,
    I was going to tell you that I loved, or my whole family love the ruby splash. So, very yummy and refreshing! We had it with Little Caesar’s pizza last night for dinner!
    I had no idea that Sonic sells ice, oh my, that is going to be a treat now. YOU MIL puts it in ziploc bags so it doesn’t freeze solid right? Since I grew up in Mesa, I remember when we used to go all the way down to Pete’s Fish and Chips, for their ice. they used to have Sonic’s ice remember?
    Ok, well your site is adorable and I wish to hopefully bring you some more non-melted peanut butter fudge for CE. I got in my 2nd year in a row, Whoo-hoo, waited patiently since the beginning of this.
    thanks for all the inspiration! you are truly one talented lady!

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