Heidi Swapp | happy 4th!!
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happy 4th!!

This is one of my absolute favorite holidays! To me, it means going to the Oakley Rodeo, hangin at my grandpa’s cabin…yummy food, that always tastes MUCH better at the cabin. Roasting marshmallows over a fire, fishing in the stream… and sleeping SO good in the mountains, on a old soft mattress, and waking up to one of my dad’s famous breakfasts.  This year… however I am stuck in the 115 degree heat, and since my little bundle should make his grand appearance at any time… we are waiting it out! so I decided, that everyone shouldn’t miss out!  tues morning we put the boys on a flight to SLC as “unaccompanied minors”… it was their first time flying alone! how cool is that? everything went smoothly… eric got them situated… and then my folks were on the other end! I have to admit to feeling TOTALLY left out of all the festivities! (I miss you guys… I know it’s hard to have fun without US!!! But try……) The 4th holiday is just not quite the same here in this heat! As it turns out, I sat on the couch all day and watched the “project runway” marathon on bravo… I hadn’t seen the first 4 or 5, so it was totally a treat! 

We are in huge renovation mode here… and things are moving along despite the high temps! We have been holding out on 3 MAJOR projects at our house for about 3 years, and finally decided it was time! 3 years ago we refinanced our house to put in a pool and sportcourt in the back yard. But the money ran out before the project did… ever since then I have been staring at my very UNDONE backyard, and it totally bugs me! so yesterday, when I woke up, it was like Christmas morning to me! the yard was full of workers digging stuff out, planting trees and bushes and cleaning out the washes and well.. beautifying!  I am sure it’s about a week ½ before it will be all done, but I can’t wait.  Meanwhile, we also added some stone veneer to the front of the house, and are having the exterior painted. WHEW. It’s going to look so great.

However, even all the action around the house is not enough to distract me from being totally uncomfortable and anxious to get this baby here! Only a couple more days. It’s hard for me to focus on anything else. I feel like I am just in this holding pattern! I keep waiting for that big energy surge that is supposed to precede the delivery… but I can’t seem to muster much enthusiasm toward any of the projects awaiting my attention! In fact, I was feeling quite down about it all, and needed eric’s help in reminding me what a precious time this is. that these last few days need to be enjoyed and cherished… and time taken to get spiritually ready for giving birth. It is such a profound experience- so beautiful. I have decided that is what I need to be focusing on.  funny how you shift your perspective a little, and everything changes. I needed that. my sweet MIL took me shopping tues night for some pretty PJ’s to wear in the hospital… so  thoughtful of her. They look so comfy. (can you tell I am ready to do this thing!)

Oh- congrats to everyone who snagged a ClubHeidi kit this month! they are officially sold out! … and from the sounds of it people are starting to receive them already! (well, people in  this hemisphere). From what it sounds like, there are a lot of international folks playing along! That makes me smile! (waving to all of you WAY far away!)  I hope that you  enjoy the goodies! We are already working on the ideas and inspiration for next month. that kit will be avail for purchase on Aug.1.  all the info and stuff will be up a week prior to that!