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happy bday Quincy

happy bday Quincy

I feel like I have been going a million miles an hour- and just NOT quite keeping up! But, I think that I’ve got a few major burns behind me now, and I even sorta feel like I can breathe! Or, I would be able to breathe if I didn’t have this major cold! But I am ignoring the cold, and hopefully, it will go away!

Yesterday was miss Quincy’s birthday!

I can hardly believe that she is 10 years old. A DECADE!! I can totally remember when she was born- I remember all the work that I put into her little bedroom, and how HAPPY I was to have a little girl coming. I knew that I was going to “Pink” her to death! And I pretty much have!  Quincy was the baby for a long time, and the only girl… so her transition into “middle child” has not always been easy! In fact, a few months ago, Quincy lost her bed to the littles…as it was the bottom bunk- so for 3 months, she has been sleeping on a mattress just on the floor.  She has really been bugging me to ‘fix up’ her room… and I keep putting it off!  Secretly I had decided that for her birthday I’d surprise her with a ‘new’ room!

SO… I arranged for Quincy to stay at my mom’s so she was “OUT”, and once we got rid of her… first stop was IKEA! I love Ikea… I had already scouted out what I wanted, and pretty  much sketched the plan- the boys both have those LOFT beds, and I love how they make so much room by getting the bed off the floor (and no cramming stuff under the bed either!) 


Soooo… bed and mattress new from Ikea, as well as a little chair, green rug, curtains & rod, garbage pail and shadow box frame.  We worked LATE into the night getting the room cleaned out, bed built (no small task) and everything hung on the wall.  Book ends needed hot pink spray paint,  magnet board got wrapped in bright green wrapping paper, and a few new magnets made… so cute.  I dug up a cute little chandelier and hung some stuff on the wall… I pretty much wanted to move in myself!
In the morning, with a few finishing touches needed- grabbed a lamp and mirror from Target and cute frame from Hobby Lobby… and we were good to go. (i can't believe i didn't take a "BEFORE" photo).



Eric took Q to lunch, and my mom  took her birthday shopping, and she finally came home around 4pm.  I wanted there to be a total surprise… like when she finally wandered up to her room- she would see it- but on my, the kids were all so excited, they all escorted her right up, and were so excited for her to see… she cried. (mission accomplished)

What a fun birthday surprise. One I am sure she will never forget (and I will make sure of that!!) 

  Candles Pres

Her party felt like an ‘instant replay’ from Cory’s bday just a month ago- back to Airborne… and another ZINGER cake (this time, I didn’t want the cake to topple over in the car, so I decided to build it at the party- and I forgot the cute pink frosting… grrrr)  The girls had a BLAST… the place was packed. And the birthday girl slept like a baby in her new room, and new bed, new PJs and I think she even slept the whole night with a big smile on her face!

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