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happy birthday capri…

happy birthday capri…

Brithday_girlIt’s hard to believe….
She’s 2.
I was laying in bed last night trying to remember my feelings 2 years ago… I was trying to remember what life felt like before Capri… and how it changed so drastically upon her arrival. As I really focused on my memory, floods of thoughts filled my mind. I think I was using photos in my mind’s eye to jog my memory… photos that represented mile stones and benchmarks of her little life so far. in just 2 years, how cosmically different our lives are. I can remember how excited I was to be driving to the hospital, and so ready to meet her. I can VIVIDLY remember when the kids came…and if I thought I was excited, it was NOTHING compared to them! they were instantly in love, and forever changed. It was amazing to watch as their lives turned from revolving around themselves.. to revolving around her.. and it hasn’t stopped. They all adore her so completely, and treat her so carefully and lovingly…she has to be one of the most loved little people on this planet. She is a breath of fresh air, and the warmest beam of light… she is such a bright spot in our home! And that curly hair… it’s just an added dose of charm that puts her in a category all her own! We are so lucky to have her. It’s impossible to imagine life with out her.  (her new passport photo)Passpt

As I mentioned, I was wishing for Target to get stuff for her birthday, and because we couldn’t drive… eric borrowed an ‘even plate’ car from a friend… (thanks john..) and stopped off at a shopping mall by his office he picked up this cute little sundress, and a few gifts for her… the highlight was the potty-chair… she has been hauling it all over the house and sitting on it… with the seat up, seat down… and loves it way more than the sparkly pink trike! (it’s a bit too big… looked SO small last night) I have to share this… I have mentioned that we are constantly laughing at the translations of signs and packaging… this was a good one on the potty chair, we were cracking up.


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