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happy birthday cory…

happy birthday cory…

Img_5307Yesterday we had a fabulous birthday party celebrating CORY’s 9th.  as you can see from the invites, the plan was to have everyone meet at our house… we have a soccer field right here by where we live, and we’d have a soccer game (dad’s were invited) and then we hired a bus to take us to our favorite pizza joint- the kro’s nest… where we arranged to let the boys top their own pizzas and open presents. Instead of birthday cake, Cory requested chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches… so we indulged in ‘dessert first’ my favorite celebration tradition! We had lots of fun! Especially CORY… he has been awaiting his birthday with eager anticipation! He has diligently changed the countdown chart first thing when he wakes up every morning… one more day! ever since I was young, we had a tradition of opening birthday presents at breakfast…so we still have some celebrating to do tomorrow!



It seems like every time one of my children celebrate a birthday- I get caught up reminiscing on their little lives…its funny how the time passes quickly, yet it seems so long ago that he first learned to ride his bike, or lost his first tooth- and even played in his first baseball game that the stupid uniforms are like 3 sizes too big! I still remember what a happy, sweet baby Cory was… and how photogenic! I couldn’t take a bad picture of that kid if I tried. I am so proud of what a nice guy he is still. He is always willing to help me with anything. He tries to keep his nose clean, even though it’s hard to keep his room clean! I just love his bright smile, and easy laughter. It’s funny how you think about them, (the kids) and despite the 24/7 non-stop drain of your energy…you just can’t imagine life without them.

I love you Cory… so much! Happy Birthday…


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