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happy birthday colton!!!!-he's 10

happy birthday colton!!!!-he's 10

Things are winding down from the day, and there is actually some quiet in the house. I am always so relieved when the babies are asleep, and the older kids are mellowing out, and I actually have a little time to breathe. We kicked off the week with Colton’s 10th Birthday!  Wow… it’s hard to believe! I HAVE BEEN A MOM FOR 10 YEARS.  Holy cow, life changes with a baby! But once there is one… that change is dialed in, and you may as well has 5 right? I can totally remember life with no kids. SO fun, those early marriage years…I can remember being so stressed about school, work, money, cars, etc. I look back now and it seems like a lifetime ago.  At the same time, I can’t even imagine NOT having my kids.  I love being here, and sharing this experience with them.
Anyway, I really wanted Colton’s b-day to be fun for him!  The first challenge was figuring out what to get him and where to get it! we wound up at a really fabulous sporting goods store, and got him a kid’s size rugby ball, and a street basketball, and some nets for the beater basketball standards here in the neighborhood. (side story: the other day we were at the park for ‘recess’ and lunch and there were about 4 older Chinese guys that had started a little pick-up basketball game at the park, I wasn’t watching so I have no idea how Colton got himself invited in, but next thing I knew there he was playing a 3 on 2 game. It was really something, Colton was you know, ½ their size and with that crazy blonde hair, running circles around these guys, and hitting everything he was putting up! Oh, and dribbling so low they couldn’t even swat it away from him. Course, I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I am sure it was something like ‘what planet is this kid from’. Then the next thing I knew, one of the guards jumped in for 3-on-3. We were cheering for them and stuff, it was great) Img_0984

Ok, back to the birthday story…so we also got him a watch and I made him a little mini-book of his skateboarding photos, and kylee-who is an art major and just so creative…anyway, at like 10pm, we decided to start the creative gifts! LOL. I wanted a Happy Birthday Poster for Colton, but I can’t draw, so she picked a skateboarding photo I had taken, and sketched it, and painted it w/ the watercolors I had. I loved Img_0986
watching her Img_0987
create. I printed out “happy birthday colton” and glued it on. We strung up tons of balloons and wrapped his presents in Chinese newspapers.  He knew that we were down here working on stuff for him, Img_0989
and it was so cute, cause it was like Christmas for him. He couldn’t sleep. We wouldn’t let him come downstairs.  He was up at like 5am, and eric had to convince him to watch a movie on his laptop until it was 7am. LOL.
Right before breakfast, before presents, we finally got skype to work with my parents. It was Sunday night, and my grandparents were at their house having dinner. I set my laptop up on the dining room and they were able Poster
to WATCH him open presents! I think that is SOOOOO COOL!  I can’t get over how amazing VIDEO chatting is.
SO, we didn’t do school, in celebration of Colton’s b-day. (that felt like a present for me!) and kylee put together this totally cute scavenger hunt for Colton and the clues were little video clips that Quincy and Cory did. It wa a mission impossible theme. Kylee got a new mac i-book about 2 weeks before we came, and is loving all the TOYS on it. Then she created this cutest little i-movie of all these photos of Colton…he loved it, I cried! So fun. So we hung out and played, and then around 4 loaded up and went with another family in our branch to see some Chinese Acrobats.  They have 4 kids, and we all loaded in the JINBEI. Such a party van.  Ok- the acrobats are amazing. It was so fun to see up super close, in a tiny theatre… it was great. The kids were in total awe and amazement. I had ordered a cake from baskin robins, and I thought that would be a highlight… but colton would have been happy with a plate of brownies.  The birthday turned out to be a great day for all of us. it was great to have something to celebrate. It was so cute how everyone tried to make it a great day for Colton. We love him.  he is so cute in a beanie! 

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