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happy birthday Capri!

happy birthday Capri!


It’s late Sunday night, and I am enjoying the quiet, and calm… and contemplating the new week! I am mentally planning and preparing for a very full week!
This weekend, we celebrated our sweet Capri’s 3rd birthday! She has been waiting SO patiently for her big day! EVERYONE has had a birthday before her, so she has been well prepared for what to expect on a birthday! When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she told me 1. Balloons tied to the chairs and 2. Polly pockets 3. Pink shoes.  We got together at the park and all her Utah cousins, aunts, uncles etc…ate cake and icecream and opened presents. It was pretty low key, and she was tickled! She is at SUCH a cute age. We love her so much. It’s amazing to think that it’s been 3 years- the time has flown by! 
We also celebrated my Grandpa’s 91st birthday with a big party with all my Aunts, Uncles, cousins and their children. It was so fun to get together and catch up! it was awesome to look around at how the family has grown…and the beautiful, accomplished group of people that I call my family. My grandparents have lived such good lives that have always focused on their family and their faith. I marvel at their strength and sacrifice.. their example of unconditional love, dedication to each other is inspiring, and touching. I thought back to my memories as a child to spending time with my Grandparents-somehow they managed to make every one of us 44 grandchildren feel important and special. I am certainly thankful for the lives they have lived, and the good people they are. Awesome. I was having so much fun chatting, and trying to keep my eye on the kids – I didn’t  snap a single photo. (gasp!) Thanks to Kent, and everyone else for the effort put forth to have that get together… it was well worth it!
my folks leave Monday for their 18 month mission to Fiji… just got done putting together an 18 month scrapbook (9×9) calendar for them to take with them. Katie helped (did most the pages) and i put it all together using my favorite tool : the Bind-it-All (Zutter). Turned out SO cute… i LOVE making Calendars. they do make GREAT gifts… if you are starting to think about holiday gifts… check out this DIY calendar kit… or this calendar brush kit. You can make it anything- any size! watch for some fun calendar ideas coming in the next week or so! i'll take photos in the morning light.

ok, busy week. must sleep.

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