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happy birthday CAPRI!

happy birthday CAPRI!

i seriously can't believe that it's been 5 years.

Birthday morning

quincy was 5 when capri came… it feels C R A Z Y to me that here we are, and now Capri is 5! it's so funny to watch her little personality develop- there is a LOT going on in this little girl… here are a few things i want to remember about her RIGHT now! 

1. Capri loves FASHION; she loves to change her clothes AT LEAST once an hour- including what she is wearing to bed! and it's CRITICAL to accessorize! she loves to add ribbon belts, headbands, and especially flowers!

2. Capri's hair is a project. unless we wash/ condition it… it totally looks like dreadlocks! and it's IMPOSSIBLE to comb or brush through. but she LOVES to do her own hair! she can put her hair in pony ( pony on the side) and now she likes to do weird things w/ clips- she clips strange sections of her hair on the side, or in the middle of the back- and it's so funnY!

3. she loves to look at herself in the mirror and 'pose' including facial expressions. she won't do it if she knows i am watching. i have to get it on video somehow!

4. if i ever ask her what she wants for dinner, she says "sloppy joes" (and i say manwhich all the way).

5. capri LOVES to play with friends! and mostly she loves to play 'dress up's and  she loves to color with her friends.. her MOST favorite friends are her cousins! and she is so blessed to have 2 cousins her exact same age who she talks about everyday

6. capri is amazing at taking care of connor! he would be lost without her! 

she is an absolute delight- she is smart, and determined, she is helpful and sweet… her smile and laughter will light up a room. if she needs me, she says "mom" at least 20 times.

Sunday morning- we woke up super early because grammy and alyssa were leaving- so we had Bannana Muffins  and opened presents… the muffins were a big hit! i hung up some balloons and wrapped presents! Capri c a r e f u l l y unwrapped each gift, and lined them up… she LOVED having a birthday; and having the primary sing to her 'happy birthday' at church!  her 'friend' party is tuesday…so i still have a couple days to pull that together! here is a peek at the invitations that we delievered!

Invites there is a vellum overlay on top that says "do you believe in fairies?" with a cute little fairy- glittered the wings. i sewed the vellum to white carstock with the details printed… last minute, added a feather…perfect touch! only invited 5 little 5 year olds.. . (still lots to do!)


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