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happy birthday MOM!!

happy birthday MOM!!

today was my mom's 60th birthday! i hope that i age as beautifully, and gracefully as her! it's been such a treat for us to all be together today to celebrate! we had a 'luau' party…complete with slip and slides, water balloons, coconut cake, (virgin) pina colada's with little umbrellas, and hawaiian punch!
i snapped a bunch of photos , and i have been playing with my new favorite toy, the Collage story board templates (for Photoshop).  i took SO many photos, but these are some of my favorites:

ok, so i have a LOT of favorites! i LOVE these collage capabilities… i am going to get them printed out, and play with them a little more. Tomorrow, in continuing the birthday celebrations for mom, we are heading out to Lagoon… (i LOVE Lagoon)…if you aren't familiar…Lagoon is an amusement park here; not HUGE, but still, highly enjoyable. my LOVE for this place has been passed on to my children! so FUN.
i had Liz make a really cute bracelet for my mom as her gift, that had each of the grandkids' names engraved. looks awesome, i need to take a photo of it. (you can see it on her right arm in the photo just above this.  jeesh, i am T I R E D.  really tired.

SIDENOTE: the house of 3 website is undergoing a security upgrade, and is offline at the moment, hopefully it will be up and running again tomorrow!

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