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happy birthday to …

happy birthday to …


it's hard to imagine that a whole year has past since we launched "House of 3"… www.houseof3.com


i can remember the day that i had an  idea- and how it started to take form, from nothing to something… something quite special! it's been quite a year. quite a year indeed. definitely something to celebrate! not just what 2009 was for House of 3, but for what the future holds… (could be ANYTHING!!) it's the most exciting bundle of happiness and possibility!  to my fantastic partners: Janet, Rhonna and Stewart… i thank you for all that you give, all that you are and most of all for putting up with ME! 

we are planning a Happy Birthday PARTY!! and you are ALL INVITED!! feb. 15th it starts!! but for now, we have to be LOVEY DOVEY!! see ALL the Valentine's stuff HERE!…..

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