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happy birthday COLTON! #11

happy birthday COLTON! #11

of course i got a little teary eyed as i explained to colton that Oct. 22nd is more than just his birthday…but it marks the day that i became a mom. it’s pretty monumental really. amazing how this child has changed my life… and continues to do so… as i learn on him, being the oldest.  i took cookies into his class today and joined in as they sang happy birthday to him in like 13 different languages. crazy.  he got to open his presents and one of the things that he really wanted to do is go with eric and i to get a famous ‘foot massage’. now, those of you who have ever come, and experienced this marvel… you know that this is one very spoiled kid! lol… yea, i am talking to the tour-alumni that experienced this first hand, as well as all our visitors! colton was sick and tired of being left out of this thing that we are always raving about! so we took just him to get a foot massage. i am just NOT convinced that an 11 year old has enough stress to enjoy that luxury! but it was a birthday surprise that he will always remember! chuckle. it makes me laugh. you will enjoy my non-target wrapping paper. *wink… and the ‘homemade’ birthday card… i am not sure if you can tell, but he was surprized when he opened the card and there was nothing written inside… not until i gave him his ‘decoder’ pen- i wrote him a letter inside with an invisible marker that only shows when you hold the little ‘blue light’ up to it.  so cool… does target have that?
my goal was to be in bed by 1am. it’s 1:07. good night.



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