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happy dance

happy dance

hello from Salt Lake!! yep, back home, and hopefully on the fast track to 'back to normal!'  i am so happy to be home! i am really mostly looking forward to sleeping in my bed! i love that warm welcome that i get from the kids!! it goes something like this, "yay, MOM!!!… did you bring me a present?"…..lucky  i did!!

our journey home was flawless! we made it to the airport like super early, and when we got to Munich- we got bumped up to business class for the ride to Chicago!! i couldn't have been happier! so we had a fabulous flight. 

i don't think i can eat pizza or spaghetti for awhile! and i am feeling super tired and looking forward to a good night's sleep! –i need a fresh start tomorrow. i have so much on my plate for the remainder of the week, including my kids' SPRING BREAK! need to think of something FUN to do! 

Today the newest collection from House of  3 went up on the site, and it' so gorgeous! i a LOVING it all!! so i will be sharing a creation or 2 during the LIVE webshow tomorrow night! i can't keep my eyes open, so hopefully i'll be up with an early start in the A.M.!! 

good night!!….smile!

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