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happy Easter!

happy Easter!

Eric had been gone for a little over a week to China for a work trip, and I was staring at Spring Break in the face, with nothing planned… not to mention dismal weather prospects, and serious need of some sunshine.  I decided super last minute to pack up my crew and drive to the AZ sun for the Easter weekend to hang out with family and enjoy the holiday! I contacted Eric and with little-to-no-persuasion, he re-routed the last leg of his trip to PHX instead of SLC.  What a great trip this has been! We are getting ready to pack up in the morning… but this was SO what the dr. ordered!

First, I have to hand it to my kids- we got here in about 11 hours flat- and only stopped 3x. That is pretty dang good! Thank heavens for in-car-entertainment, and pre-packed snacks…our trip down was smooth sailing, and I must say that traveling hwy 89 in Utah is stunningly beautiful!



First order of business when we arrived was purchasing new swimsuits and spending the afternoon at the pool…when I was a ‘local’ we wouldn’t get in the pool until at least May, and even that was kinda pushing it! but as a visitor, the 90 degree weather is MORE than enough excuse enough to swim

The beautiful weather also meant that we spent every minute we could outside hanging at the park or in the backyard. The kids loved catching up with cousins, and it’s so fun to see them play together, and just have such a wonderful connection- even though they don’t see much of each other! and a HUGE thanks to uncle TY who took Colton and Cory to the dunes… they had the time of their lives!

IMG_1493 IMG_1495

Of course, the trip was full of our Phx Favorites… mostly including Mexican food, and a few favorite stores, and stomping grounds. 4 days is not NEAR enough time! 

IMG_1635A special highlight was meeting my new niece for the first time… she is just over 4 weeks old, and SO sweet!


Holidays are so much more fun with family around- and being all together made this  Easter even better- we had a big egg hunt this morning before church… this is the kids trying to push out into grammy's backyard..(notice colton wanting to be first, only the biggest cousin)

the little people got lots of help, and the big kids were only allowed to find eggs hidden at their eye level and higher! sometimes that was tricky for quincy!

and no easter egg hunt is complete without the big kid trying to steal eggs from the littel sister, and the dad having to intervene and saving the day!

Are you like me, and you see everything going perfectly until … someone won’t wear the new easter clothes… someone else FORGOT their church clothes, running late as a result of said disruptions…, hair is wet instead of perfectly curled, and tears are forced to the surface when there should be peace, and happiness? This morning between a happy good morning, and out the door to church with only seconds to spare… things went a little downhill. I was embarrassed and frustrated at my kids’ behavior and irritated that they were ruining MY Easter morning.  Feeling rushed and sorry for myself – out the door, and into our Sacrament meeting- and immediately, I was filled with that peace that was most definitely lacking- I no longer cared about the un-done hair-dos and that one of my children was wearing orange sneakers, shorts and a rugby shirt, and the other only ½ of his “outfit”, and no socks.  As I listened to the beautiful music celebrating the life and miracle of our Savior, I knew that it was OK. That above ALL, my Savior, and older brother knows ME, knows what went on, and understands it all- AND loves me, and all of us anyway. How grateful I felt for the opportunity to worship, to ponder and think- to remember Him, and the tremendous blessings that His life and death have afforded me.  I felt humbled, and filled with joy. 

IMG_1594 IMG_1587

The rest of the day I have felt that calm of knowing- and being thankful. I hope that you had a wonderful Easter! No matter where you are, what you are doing… Easter bonnet or not,  know that you have a Savior who loves you, and is there for you. No matter what!IMG_1678

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