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happy halloween…

happy halloween…


i have to say that since i was a child, the concept of 'trick or treating' continues to be a magical one!  i can totally remember being young(er) and RUNNING from house to house trying to fill a pillowcase. tonight as i took the littles around to a few houses, i had a little chuckle or 2 as groups of pre-teens and teenagers were literally sprinting from door to door.  i told my kids that the latest they could be out trick or treating was 9pm, so about bang on the dot, they were here- weighing their bags. the boys got quite a haul.

this year- my plan was to be a 'roller derby' girl… but the costume didn't really come together, as there were too many places i had to be in costume that i couldn't have skates on… SO- i decided to go for the mohawk.  frankly- i loved it… Tuesday night was the neighborhood party- and i tried it out- a friend of mine spiked it up w/ blue colored gel, and after some coaxing and flat ironing, it was SET!  Last night was our family halloween party, so i did it again, and then slept on it for today- it's a total WORRY FREE hairstyle! this is reason #2 why i love halloween so much- i love freakish hair styles, but wouldn't wear one normally… halloween is my chance to be crazy, with a full liscence. i wore my mohawk to the grocery store, subway, taco bell, 2 hockey games, post office and the gas station. most people kinda looked at me and gave me a smug little smile… i got a few 'thumbs up'… and i wondered how many people just thought it was my normal hair do. halloween is fun.

Porch here are a few photos from the family party at my aunt KJ's… she LOVES halloween, and as Colton describes her "is very festive" (in general). not to mention, super creative and throughly over the top! i just loved all her garlands this year.

this is her… w/ her cute spider cake… and look at the inside:

Cake and the cake was lemon flavor- totally unexpected, and so cute! (the eyes were blinking)

Group this was taken as we were all lining up for photos. the most important part of the party!
my cutie niece charlotte, w/ the cheek tatoos, and my total Barbie SIL ……this group was pretty decked from head to toe:

KJ can make these boots work w/ many-a-costume

Heels LOVED these legwarmers… i am fully needing some legwarmers.

Ila i should have taken a better photo of this little froggy's costume… hand knit by KJ herself… SOO cute.

my little garden fairy topped off w/ a big Blossom Couture!IMG_8427

i really appreciate the effort that my aunt puts in each and every halloween- it's been as long as  i can remember that she has faithfully put together this lavish 'spooktacular'… and i appreciate both the creativity and the tradition…i appreciate that everyone goes all out on costumes, and gives me an extra excuse to dress up! (twist my arm). you really do have more fun if you are dressed up!  and now,

to wash this thing out…


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