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happy OCTOBER everyone!!!

happy OCTOBER everyone!!!

just getting ready to take off for my weekend at "heidi's fudge" in Rigby, ID! 

couple of things… 
 can you believe it's really October? LOVE it.. it's gotten cold here all the sudden, and for now.. i like it! today we are offering your favorite "fivedollarfriday" at house of 3… this is good for all purchases over $9.99!! 
so grab you something SPOOKY!! i was hoping to post a really cool project that uses this halloween printable kit… but it's on my  CRASHED COMPUTER!! and i am FREAKING OUT!!!  SOOo…. i just heard from the apple store that in a mere 7-10 days, i'll have it back… 
HOLY CRAP!! do they have any idea how dependent i am on that thing?
eric just went to back it up, so i'll get cracking later in the weekend to hopefully get it pulled together… 

ALSO… MONTANA GIRLS… we need your help spreading the word about my visit to Great Falls later this month! Monday i will be sneak peeking my NEWEST creation that i'll be sharing in Dallas and also in Great Falls!  so check back for that. but if you are from Great Falls.. or close by.. or you want to come and be nice and warm as it's getting cold inside, you won't want to miss out. these classes are SO fun, packed w/ tons of cool techniques and ideas that will be perfect for Christmas gift giving… YES, you have to start thinking about that!!
At the retreat in Great Falls… i'll be teaching:
1. Energy journal
2. the NEW (fab) "time and season" book
3. the Celebration wall hanging- 2 week countdown 
4. the Family memories mini book… revamped and revised… super fun
5. once in a lifetime… my Creative Escape project…

as you can see TONS of stuff… plan to come and play. the retreat is FULL of amazingness. crops, prizes, more classes… you can see photos and more info on Jeanie's blog here. I haven't sent her photos of my newest class "time and season"…  Plan to join us! we don't have much time, so get signed up… and PLEASE spread the word!!
in case you didn't see this… FREEBIE… yes, i said FREE (zero dollars)... this is a heart template kit, you can print these babies out on transparency sheets, to make some custom decorative windows for your heart boxes. 
ok, over and out!

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