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happy valentines day!

happy valentines day!

hello from the "TRUMP" in las vegas… and it's a beautiful day, and a delightful escape…eric needed to be here for work, and so i tagged along, and wanted a chance to rest, relax and catch up!  it's the first time i have ever stayed here, and it's so beautiful, and so classy! (exactly what you would expect)… we arrived late last night, and i guess there was something wrong w/ our room, so we got upgraded to a beatiful sprawling suite. such a nice surprise!  i was even MORE surprised to find out that there is NO SMOKING, and NO CASINO  -i am not a gambler, or a smoker – and that is what i don't love about Vegas…so this is perfect!! (and it's just across the street from "Fashion Show" mall!)

so…i just want to mention 2 things…



1. happy happy valentines day! i hope you are surrounded with people that love, and that love yoU!

2. there will NOT be a live webshow this week!! working on something fun for next week!

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