Heidi Swapp | happy news
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happy news

so after all the emails and comments  i got telling me that there is a chance you  can recover images from your memory card… emily took my card into mesa photo and they were able to recover the photos from the ruban rouge weekend!!



i got a bunch of really cute  photos from Lisa at Ruban Rouge too… i need to make a photo album!

so tonight i got an email from tiffany k. smoot she made this scrapbook page and shared it with me! … it made me chuckle! i loved it… thanks tiffany!
i don’t know if  you can read the *hand written journaling* "i love this scrapbooking product so much that i can not even throw the label away" — made my day!

i watched idol tonight… i have to admit, i am addicted and resenting it… it’s not really exciting me, but i can’t help myself. to make matters worse, i watched it in ‘real time’ for the first time… and so i was STUCK watching commercials! what i realized… is that i really enjoy GOOD commericals, and i really hate  bad ones!  and i have to say… COKE  has got a killer campaign going. i absolutely love it all! and i have to name the runners  up to OLD NAVY- that cute hand holding commercial and those cute stripe skirts. saw those in the store yesterday, they are cute. and of course… TARGET…always… so good. 
so few good commercials. shame.  maybe i need a coke. and a stripe skirt.