Heidi Swapp | having a great time…wish you were here!
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having a great time…wish you were here!

two days down… two to go!
the show is going great.. we are having a ball. all is well! so i have a few shots… i am not taking NEAR enough photos! but.. this is just enough to make you feel like you were here… or at least WISH you were!
so here is my cute new signage! i love it… turned out so cute.
so i was wanting to promote the iron ons! i put iron on sayings on about 50 t-shirts…
out of control… but so cute and giving people way more reasons to use the iron! which we all need!
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my feet were killing me … so eric went and got me and emily CROCS… they are fabulous! if you don’t have any… go get some. they are only like $30 bucks! we are loving them and tons of people here at the show have them on… the pink is pretty bright!
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i did have a big surprise! my cousin nanci jarman flew in from AZ for the show… she has not been on a plane in like seven years-she hates flying!… she came here with becky higgins…and walked right up to the booth and i was so excited so surprised!
the best part of coming to the show is seeing the amazing people that are in this industry! we are all so swamped, but when we get a few minutes together it’s golden! here are a few of the friendly faces that dropped by!

i am committed to taking more photos tomorrow!
maybe i should photograph the new product! and especially the catalog… it’s so cute!
going to sleep!