Heidi Swapp | #HBD | 12″ Marquee Love
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12" Marquee Love #HBD | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp

#HBD | 12″ Marquee Love

12" Marquee Love #HBD | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp

Spring! Finally! Woo hoo!

The spring starts the birthday season in our family – every month we’re celebrating someone new. Which is totally awesome – if you’re motivated enough to keep decorating and redecorating the house with streamers and balloons every few weeks.

I, however, am not.

I mean – I totally have the best intentions. Each year I think, “This is the year I’m going to stay on top of all of this,” and each year it’s the same thing…the day before a birthday I scramble getting gifts wrapped, making/buying a cake or cupcakes, trying to get a special lunch together, etc. And then I feel like a horrible mother/wife because I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to. Anyone with me?

So I’ve decided this spring was going to be different.

I wanted to create a decoration that would be appropriate for both boys and girls…something I could bring out on everyone’s birthday to help them feel special…something that would dress up the house a bit…and something I wouldn’t have to put tons of effort into – I know, I know, but it’s the truth.

Enter Heidi’s brand new 12″ Marquee Love letter and symbols.

These are the products I started with…

12" Marquee Love #HBD | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp

The brand new Faux Rust Paint Distress Kit, 12″ paper roll (I chose this awesome wood panel design), and my 12″ Marquee Love letters (#, H, B, D* – not pictured).**

*#HBD stands for Happy Birthday

**All of these items are found exclusively at Michaels…click here to see more from the amazing Gallery Wall collection.

12" Marquee Love #HBD | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp

I started by distressing my letters (and #) with the new Faux Rust Distress Kit. Click here to watch Heidi show how the distressing is done.

12" Marquee Love #HBD | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp

Next I traced and cut my wood paneled paper using the templates provided with each letter. Then I added my bulb caps and lights and done!

12" Marquee Love #HBD | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp

I think they look AWESOME! And they are exactly what I was hoping for. Not too feminine, not too masculine – and they totally fit in with my current decor. AND, if I want to make them a little more gender/person specific I can always change out the paper! Just perfect.

12" Marquee Love #HBD | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp

Check out the brand new Gallery Wall Collection (featuring these awesome 12″ Marquee Love letters & symbols) at Michaels Stores everywhere!

SUPPLIES: 12″ Marquee Love Letters: #, H, B, D; Gallery Wall 12″ Paper Roll: Wood Panel; Paint Distress Kit: Faux Rust