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he loves colorshine…

he loves colorshine…

Do you remember the ‘kids art’ memory files that we shared a week or so ago here on the blog?  Well, ever since my little Capri realized that I was going to carefully preserve her little works of art in this wonderful folder dedicated just to HER… she has become MUCH more prolific with her art! Especially helping me to create original works to place as holiday décor around the house.

But I just have to tell you that I am SO inspired by how Kim Jeffress has  been teaching her little artist to create using COLOR SHINE. I must say… that I am SO impressed by the outcome!  At this sweet young age, creating art is so free- they aren’t worried about making a mistake, or having it look “perfect”. If I tell my 5-yr-old to draw a goat… he draws a goat!  Art is a wonderful way to grow skills and self-esteem!  Take a look at this adorable creative process shared by Kim Jeffress and her little artist: 

You may remember this post… where I showed how I collected, sorted and stored my 5 year old son’s art work utilizing various memory file folders. Today I am sharing more of his art, this time I want you to see him in action.

I brought downstairs from my craft studio all my Color Shine bottles and asked him to pick a few favorite colors.

I then showed him how  the bottle worked and shook up the bottles to mix the spritz , you should have seen his eyes light up when he heard that ball shaking against the sides, he couldn’t wait to shake it himself ! We talked about how we could use the spritz and he suggested -not me he use it with some masks he had in his craft drawers.

We began by laying down a mask of a car , covering up the sides with scratch paper and choosing his color… he then went ahead and sprayed his car with Tinsel Color Shine.

Next we added in a sun mask , of course he had to choose Mustard Color Shine.

He wanted a road for his car to drive on so I suggested using tape. I grabbed my Heidi Swapp hot pink Neon tape and helped him tear small strips to act as another mask for the lines in the road.

He then went ahead and sprayed the road again in Tinsel.

He added in some hand drawn clouds, sprayed with Tropicana Teal Color Shine, once they were dry he cut them out and added them to his picture.


To finish his masterpiece off he cut and pasted a house and added some flowers and a rainbow. He was delighted with his finished product and couldn’t wait to show his daddy when he got home from work!

Before I go I must share this last photo, as I said in the beginning when he heard that little ball in the bottle mixing up the Color Shine he couldn’t wait to try it, I love this photo with his hand in full flight shaking and listening to the ball


Thanks for letting me share a little more of my family. I would love to see what your children come up with next time they are crafting with Color Shine!


Ok… so that should put a big smile on your face this beautiful Monday!  It’s that just the cutest thing you have ever seen!? My kids had that SAME reaction when they heard the ball inside the bottles.


Ok… now it’s your turn?! Here are some ideas to try using your color shine:

  1. pull out your stencils!  Here is an awesome video on how to use stencils to create a funky, cool background by May Flaum.  The possibilities here are ENDLESS!
  2.  Use washi tape to mask something off on your background!  It can be a shape, word or numbers… or even try using letter stickers, my buzz words, or other die cut shapes!
  3. free hand or die cut elements and spray them the color of your choice! I must admit… every one LOVES the ‘cloud’ look … but simple shapes are awesome for this time of year… think bats, jack-o-lanterns, cats and ghosts….


Now go… make pretty stuff! 


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