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heartfelt creations- a must see!

heartfelt creations- a must see!

SO happy last night as I drove a mere 15 minutes to ‘Heartfelt
Creations’ on 94th So. And 7th East and taught a class! A
local store, local classes! It was awesome! Ok, the store is amazing.. in the
true sense of the word. It’s HUGE. And there is more inventory than I have ever
seen in one place! not kidding… you have to go and check it out.. I snapped
some quick photos w/ my iphone as we were leaving, just because I was amazed! I
still haven’t explored the whole thing… mostly cause I have always had a kid or
2 w/ me!

There is a crazy huge ribbon wall.


Then look at all the bulk
drawers filled with all kinds of little this and that.. flowers, charms, who


and some of my favorite stampers anonymous stamps… (tons of stamps really)…

miles of flowers, every paper, sticker, tons of stamps,
ink.. it’s the most Ranger I have seen in one store… it was AWESOME!! And get
this… there are 2 crop rooms! How cool is that?

Ok, so anyway… I taught the Halloween book again, and it’s
such a fun project! Loved it. Thanks to all of you that came last night!! I loved
getting to know you all! And I hope to see you again! On Nov. 18th, I
am teaching the Time and Season (plum blossom) class at Heartfelt Creations, so
if you are a local girl… come and play!  

Today I got all the stuff shipped off to Texas for next
week! I can’t believe it’s already here. We are going to have a great time!

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