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Heidi Swapp and Paper Source

Heidi Swapp and Paper Source

last week during my visit to NYC for the National Stationary Show, i was lucky enough to be invited to visit 2 of the Paper Source stores in the city to demo my FAVORITE creative machine! The MINC!


in case you have never heard of the MINC… it’s basically a magical dream machine that will adhere FOIL to paper! yes… it’s real! and it comes in a MINI version! #socute


here’s just a few of the lovely faces that i met up with in the newest location in the bottom of the Rockerfeller Center! I always love meeting up with fans, and making new friends as well… and despite the NYC traffic and my struggle with UBER… sending out a HUGE THANKS to Paper Source for letting me come and play!

while i was visiting Paper Source, i picked up a few things that i thought would be fun to use with the Minc Mini and the new reactive Minc Mist!

first of all… it’s totally that time of year when instagram is FULL of beautiful PEONY pics! and NYC was no exception! i could stare at them all day (here’s a pic i took while in the NYC flower market picking up blossoms for the show)


so i was immediately drawn to the “paper peony wreath” kit … it’s awesome because it comes with pre-cut flower shapes, and instructions for “HOW TO” make a paper peony! so all i did was add a quick step of SPRAYING the layers with the Reactive Mist, and running them through my Minc Machine to add GOLD FOIL!!


i suggest that you lay all the layers out, and spray them ALL at once, and let them dry. this is super important… the mist needs to be completely dry before running them through the Minc!  here’s a look at what they look like once you add foil:


i followed the instructions included in the kit… so easy… by rolling the petals using a pencil. i rolled them so that the gold would be on the OUTSIDE of the flower


depending on what size of the flower you wish to create, you will use more or less layers.


because i am a cheater, i glued the layers together with my hot glue gun. that’s my little tip not found in the instructions!


once i had beautiful paper florals… i needed something to put them on! so i pulled out some of the gorgeous envelopes that i had picked up from Paper Source… i love these blush LUXE envelopes, and the petal envelopes


i simply adhered these gorgeous florals directly to the flaps of the envelopes! (back to the hot glue!) and i am basically in LOVE!


the next thing that i picked up, and really wanted to try running through the MINC machine was the mini kraft gable boxes! ok, these are the CUTEST and you get 6 in a package… and so i sprayed them with the mist, and set my Minc machine at a 5 heat setting. now i have to add just a little word of warning… i kinda had to ‘help’ these through. they are probably just slightly too thick to go through, but i pushed just a little and it worked!


first of all… HOW CUTE!? this size? crazy cute! but look how amazing they look with a little paper PEONY?


these just make me so happy! beautifuL!


such fun golden detail that looks amazing! SO then, i whipped up one of the BIG peony flowers, and it turned out SO happy and SO gorgeous! i thought that it would make the most fantastic gift box… so i dug a little white box out of my stash, and hot glued this gorgeous peony on top and there was one of my most favorite gift presentation boxes ever!


the MIST is only one of the fun things you can do with the Minc and adding foil… and while i was in the store, i picked up a package of the kraft bags – they are so simple, and can be used for SO many different applications. SO, i printed a quick little phrase onto the bag using my LASER PRINTER (has to be a laser printer for this to work) and then sent it through the Minc with some GOLD foil!


what a quick and amazing way to transform this basic Kraft bag into something UNFORGETTABLE. it seriously only takes minutes! The possibilities are ENDLESS when it comes to the Minc and the Minc Mini! whether you are creating something from scratch using your computer and a Laser printer… or just adding a touch of WOW with the Minc Reactive Mist… the results are unforgettable! Make your way into your local Paper Source, or visit PaperSource.com and Make Pretty Stuff!


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