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heidi swapp celebration

heidi swapp celebration

there has been SO MUCH going on around here to CELEBRATE! really quick, i just have to share the real reason why i wanted to create the Marquee Love letters and Lightbox! to make AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE celebrations!


in may… my girl Q turned 15. yes… i know… impossible, right? it just happens… overnight! so i went with my go to:


Lightbox… Marquee Frame…Marquee Numbers and HELLO!…balloons and banners!


i have this place in my home where i always set up my “special occasion” decor. it’s just a half wall with the staircase behind.  i have a wood plank board and an oversized frame with chicken wire that is kinda the standard set up.


i love to surprise my kids on their birthday morning with special HBD decor… i always love seeing their reactions! even though she is 15, she still loves to be spoiled with happy pretty bday decorations!


the Lightbox makes it SO super easy to personalize any type of celebration! and i love it with the Marquee frame!


(love these amazing oversized crepe paper florals made by @thelovelyave  thelovelyave.com … this was the perfect way to honor my Quincy girl!


not long after the birthday celebration… this was happening. and even though he’s a High School Senior, and 18 years old… he still loved being celebrated and acknowledged! i used the 12″ Marquee Love Numbers available only at Michaels Stores… i went with Colton’s school colors and painted them silver.


i set up my Lightbox for Colton’s grad…(there’s a new little lightbox coming! i can’t wait) you can see how i used the Marquee Letters and Numbers, and used the “celebrate” banner layered over the Marquee.


i really love how Colton’s senior pics turned out… so i printed them on  11×17 cardstock and hung them in my display with fishing line!


this was a great way to use photos with the display!


i’m super proud of him! (that face that only a mother could love!)


it’s amazing how fast the time passes!  from this…


to this!  even though you can’t slow down time, no matter how you try… you can CELEBRATE IT! and capture it… the Marquee LOVE Letters and Lightbox are the PERFECT way to celebrate every occasion!



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