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Heidi Swapp Media Team Spotlight: Jamie Pate

Heidi Swapp Media Team Spotlight: Jamie Pate

let me introduce myself



Hello, my name is Jamie Pate, and I am a paper crafter with a HUGE dose of memory keeping on the side. I have been a memory keeper for a about as far back as I can remember. For all you youngsters out there, we are talking the early 80’s (Yes. I’m that old). My memory keeping days started with the reading of The Diary of Anne Frank. That book inspired the keeping of a diary (we now call them journals) that continues to this day. I write in several journals daily. From my faith journal. To my daily jotter. To my scrapbooks. To my planner. Paper crafting encompasses so much of my life by way of documenting life.



I received my first Kodak Insta Camera and started my career of documenting by way of photography in grade school. I still consider myself a novice photographer, but it is very much a love of mine. This hobby has ebbed and flowed through the years. The emotion found when perusing old albums of our life keeps me deeply ensconced in this pursuit.



In high school I started my first planner. It was puffy. Shiny. And purple. Filled with penguin stickers. Yep! I know! I think I still have that planner packed away. This would mature into a Franklin Planner that I kept for many years in my corporate days. I still look back at those early days of memory keeping. Who knew what a love for documenting each of these pivotal moments in my life would create.



Today my hobby has turned into a passion that I want to share with anyone who will listen to me. I believe that memory keeping feeds into us as humans on so many levels. As Heidi continues to teach, if we don’t ‘stop the blur’ we will forget what happened. Writing down the things, taking the photos, brings those feelings and thoughts and realities right back to our hearts. It allows a bit of a slow down as we consider where we have come from. This then can feed into the ‘where are we going’. As Bob Goff has taught me, if we don’t get intentional about writing down our moments, we’ll miss the best stories of our lives. This has made itself known in truth time after time in my life.




There is so much noise in the world right now. The comfort that is found in crafting. In taking paper and photo and endowing it with the emotion found in ephemera and stamps and layers is known only to those who take the time to actually do it. The art of card making that then is shared with another human brings to that receiver so much love and care that we made with our hands. This maker movement is not going away. The well being that comes with making something with our hands is powerful. The time to make it happen can be a battle. A battle that is worth fighting to bring a certain wholeness to our soul.

This post was to be an introduction of me. Some of the bio facts would be that I have had the privilege of being on Heidi’s team for many years. Various other design teams have given me the same opportunity. I have been posted in magazines and online articles. I teach online at Big Picture Classes and also on my YouTube Channel. But that does not really tell you much about me. What I want you to know about me is this: the hope that this post inspires you to be intentional with your story telling and crafting. That’s what I would like for you to know about me. That I want for you to dive deep into documenting your life. All the other stuff is fluff. It’s pretty fluff, but it’s not necessary. Your words, hopefully your photographs, are what are necessary. The beauty of the embellishments brings people in and entices them to linger and ponder the story. But the heart and soul of it all is your story.

The other part of my story includes big time my family. I have been married 31 years to the same man. We have five kids ranging from 25 years old to 10. My two oldest are getting married this year. My next daughter is working on launching her career. The next daughter is a junior in high school. Then there is the youngest dude who is in the fifth grade. We live on the Front Range in Colorado where we get outside to hike as often as we can. We are always quick to discover a new local coffee roaster. And we celebrate all the moments in our lives with friends and family and fun.

Happy New Year, friends. This media team is here to continue to inspire you to make pretty stuff. And to tell your story.

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