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Hello sweet friends.  So this is January 2021.

Deep breaths and relax those shoulders.

We are here, and I am SO happy you are here.

Today is all about a “spotlight” and to be honest, I am the furthest thing from EVER wanting the spotlight haha.  My introverted nature seriously holds me back from anything that involves any attention around myself, however a new year should be all about trying new things, and this my friends, is certainly a new thing for me.

I do love to share however, so that is my guiding force.  Looking back, I think I can truly attest to the notion that I was born a documenter.  From as far as I can remember my obsession began young and the affinity I had for notebooks, journals, pens, magazines, collages, photos…it truly is just this innate love that I will never be able too shake.  I actually still have boxes of old journals and diaries sitting in my parents basement. Way back when…man!  Those diaries got me through some crazy times in adolescence and beyond, I tell you.  Therapy at its finest.  Friends, first loves, milestones, heartbreaks, high school dramas.  You name it, it’s in there I am sure!

However, ‘scrapbooking’ took on its own journey for me back in about 2001-2002.  I was in University and to help me deal with the isolation of living alone as well as the stress of my school work, I purchased an “all in one” scrapbooking kit to document my best friends wedding.  Once I completed that album I was hooked.  Later that year, I was then gifted a ticket to an in person scrapbooking convention and wow.  That truly changed everything for me.  I could not even keep up, my soul had finally found its soulmate.  The euphoria that I experienced tying everything I had ever loved altogether was like seriously finding my place where I actually belonged.

Taking photos, and stories and beautiful supplies and combining that with actual paper crafting techniques quickly became more than just a hobby for me.  Since then, scrapbooking literally is a way of life.  It is like my right arm.  It is such a part of who I am and my identity.  The places I have been, the people I have met all through this craft is truly more than I had ever believed possible.  I am so grateful for it all, in so many ways.

Looking back on 2020, paper crafting took on even a deeper level of meaning for me.  I truly believe each and every project I had created this past year was a way to dig and claw my way through some emotional heaviness.  We were all feeling it.  I am so grateful for this outlet because if I did not have it, I do not know if I would have been as resilient in the tough moments that needed me to be.

My ‘Bless this Mess’ journal, one of my last posts of 2020 really sums up a lot for me.  Not only in the place that I find myself in right now (I mean, I have a lot of stuff to navigate through) BUT it also encompassed a lot of my favourite supplies and techniques that I used this year to create projects.  I love to create notebooks and journals, number one, BUT it also used the Minc and stamping techniques.  Two of my absolute favourites.

Storyline Chapters was another collection that I held close this past year.  I created SO many different types of projects with it.  From layouts, to my planner, memory dex cards and these…. I am not much of a card maker by trait however I really loved creating these mini 3×3 cards with coordinating envelopes.  I think the whole concept of not being able to see a lot of people and wanting to still reach out reignited my passion for card making.  How fun to pop these little “forget-me-not” notes into the mail and make someones day?  I just could not resist.

Old School was such a favourite collection of mine.  The trendy, literal ‘old school’ vibes brought back such a welcomed nostalgia that my soul desperately needed.  This mini album is full of some of my most precious memories of the summer and I just love flipping through all of the different tags, photos and elements.  I also love all of the texture in this album.  It was really fun to create.

art walk scrapbook page I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp

This Art Walk grid layout, probably my top layout of 2020.  Art Walk was such a beautiful collection and the colours and texture just could not be beat.  I love how this entire project came together, and that speaks so much as sometimes we all know projects do not always come together so easily.  This one did take me awhile, but once it got going it just seemed to all fall into place.  I really adore the layers and subtle details of this page.  One I for sure will always admire.

And last but not least, a huge shout out to the planner.  The memory planner.  The love runs deep.  I cannot believe it has been close to 6 years when Heidi released her first memory planner.  They are all so special to me, and I think out of most projects this is one I am so excited to be continuing on for 2021.  I absolutely adore the Storyline Chapters version.

Thank you SO much to everyone out there who has continued on this crazy crafty journey with me.

I just love to share and inspire and motivate and educate and just do what I love.

What a blessed gift to be able to do just that.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for being here.  I cannot wait to share more of my heart with you all in 2021. You all ready? Let’s go!


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